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A3 Alums Andy Patman, Martin Spencer & Martin To Join Innovative Artists Literary Department – Friday March 22, 2024

Innovative Artists is beefing up its literary division with the addition of veteran agents Andy Patman, Martin Spencer and Martin To. The trio recently got on the market following the shutdown of A3 where they helped reestablish a literary division, with Patman serving as head of Television Content.

This is the third consecutive agency where Patman, Spencer and To will be working together following stints at Paradigm and A3, which they all joined in 2020. Bringing their roster of clients, they will be based at Innovative’ Los Angeles office. They join agents Jim Stein, Michael Pio, Joe Arciniega, Susan Sussman, Emily Cameron, and Ethan More in Innovative’s literary department.

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Lit Agents Alysia Thomas, Kelsey Roberts Exit Paradigm – Friday March 22, 2024

Paradigm and a pair of literary agents, Alysia Thomas and Kelsey Roberts, have parted ways, sources tell Deadline.

Paradigm declined comment.

Thomas has already made her exit, and we’re told this was entirely amicable. What prompted Roberts’ exit is unclear, but she’s still finishing up her time at the agency.

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Sports Illustrated to continue operations with new publisher – Wednesday March 20, 2024

Sports Illustrated will continue operations after the company that owns the brand agreed with a new publisher for its print and digital products.

Minute Media took over on Monday after reaching a licensing agreement with Authentic Brands Group. On Jan. 19, Authentic announced that it was revoking The Arena Group's publishing license after Arena failed to make a quarterly payment.

Authentic had been in negotiations with Arena, Minute Media and other publishing entities over the past two months.

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Scammers And Screenplays: Self-Publishing Scams On The Internet Today – Tuesday March 19, 2024

Scams around the entertainment business are nothing new. And as the allure of the film industry continues to captivate aspiring filmmakers, writers, and actors, scams have proliferated online. In this blog we'll explore the workings of one such scheme targeting authors who self-publish through Amazon.

The Amazon Scam

It all starts above-board. Maybe you've been frustrated by major publishers and agents just not "getting" your work. Maybe you like the speed, editorial control, and DIY-mcguvery involved. However you arrived there, you're now a self-published author at Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing ( It's a great service for many people. Let's now follow one such hypothetical author, based on two actual clients who've consulted with us at Romano Law over the past few months.

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New children's publisher Post Wave UK, led by Emma Hopkin, appoints creative team – Thursday March 14, 2024

Post Wave UK, a new subsidiary of Chinese publishing house Post Wave Publishing China, led by m.d. Emma Hopkin, has appointed a creative team and is to launch its books list in August.

Emma Blackburn will join from Hachette as publisher in April, while Joanna McInerney from Big Picture Press is to be editorial director and Avni Patel of Thames & Hudson will be design director. Bounce Sales & Marketing will be Post Wave UK’s first sales and distribution partner.

Hopkin, who had a former role as m.d. of consumer publishing at Bloomsbury, said of the new appointments at Post Wave UK: “The profile of our acquiring and design team really signals our intent to be an exceptional illustrated children’s publishing house, backed by our colleagues from Post Wave China. We plan to grow quickly and cleverly, and I couldn’t hope for a better team to steer our list strategy and our agent, author and illustrator relationships.”

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Rizzoli International to Launch U.K. Publishing Arm – Thursday March 7, 2024

Rizzoli International has announced plans to launch a London-based publishing arm, Rizzoli UK.

Helming the new business is Stephen King, who has been appointed managing director of Rizzoli UK. King was previously managing director of independent publisher Hardie Grant UK.

King will also join the Rizzoli International executive team headed by president and CEO Stefano Peccatori. Also on the executive team are Jennifer Pierson, v-p of global sales, marketing, and operations; Randy Barlow, v-p of finance and administration; and Charles Miers, publisher of all Rizzoli International imprints, who oversees Rizzoli New York, Rizzoli Universe, Rizzoli Electa, and now Rizzoli U.K.

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The Nature Writing Prize for Working Class Writers returns for fifth year – Wednesday March 6, 2024

The Nature Writing Prize for Working Class Writers returns for its fifth year, offering one year’s free membership to Campaign for National Parks, a £300 paid commission to write a National Parks-inspired piece for Viewpoint Magazine and an Arvon course of choice. 

The winner will also receive three one-hour mentoring sessions with a Gaia commissioner, a one-hour mentoring session with a literary agent and a book bundle from Octopus Publishing Group. 

The prize, which aims to break down barriers, was set up in 2020 by the writer Natasha Carthew to create opportunity for working-class nature writers of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. It is supported by Arvon Foundation, the Campaign for National Parks and Gaia, an imprint of Octopus Publishing Group. The prize is free to enter and encourages self-identifying working-class writers from all over the UK, whether they live in the country or in towns, cities and other spaces.

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A New Publisher Promises Authors ‘the Lion’s Share of the Profit’ – Wednesday March 6, 2024

Authors Equity is tiny but has big industry names behind it. Its founders hope their profit-sharing approach and experience will entice authors.

A new book publisher with an unusual business model, a small footprint and an outsize pedigree that includes some of the biggest names in publishing launched on Tuesday.

The executives behind the publisher, Authors Equity, have run some of the largest publishing companies in the United States: Madeline McIntosh, the former chief executive of Penguin Random House; Don Weisberg, the former chief executive of Macmillan; and Nina von Moltke, the former president of strategic development at Penguin Random House.

The new house is small, with just six employees, but its founders hope that their experience and approach to publishing will attract writers. Contrary to the usual practice, Authors Equity won’t offer authors money upfront or guarantee them a payment — but it will give them “the lion’s share” of any profit that is made, according to Ms. McIntosh.

“As a financially conservative person, I would be very nervous asking people to invest in a new company that was dependent on beating other companies with the size of its checkbook,” Ms. McIntosh said. “I feel very confident about competing based on the experience that we can offer.”

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Literary agent claims ‘Half of British publishers will not take books that have any Jewish content’ – Monday March 4, 2024

Writer also told a mention of her book was dropped over the 'hassle' involved in mentioning Jews or Judaism

An anonymous literary agent has said that half of publishing houses in the UK will not take books that have Jewish content or are by Jewish authors.

The agent was speaking to Stephen Games, founder of the independent publisher EnvelopeBooks, who revealed their conversation to The Telegraph.

Games said: “A very well-known literary agent of great repute and associated with books that one would immediately recognise said that he is having difficulty with his Jewish authors or writings on Jewish subjects because he just finds that much of literary London is now a no-go zone for Jews.

“He said there is no point putting proposals up to commissioning editors as they just are not interested,” Games went on.

According to Games, there is “a climate of growing hostility against Jews”.

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Anjali Singh on Launching Her Own Literary Agency – Monday March 4, 2024

In her nearly 30-year career in publishing, Anjali Singh has worn many hats. Before joining Ayesha Pande Literary as an agent in 2015, Singh was the editorial director at Other Press, and prior to that had worked as an editor at Simon & Schuster, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and Vintage Books. And before all that, she got her start as a book scout. She's perhaps best known for her work in world of graphic novels, having acquired and championed Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis after stumbling across it during a trip to Paris. She later went on to help launch the careers of such authors as Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Samantha Hunt.

Now Singh is making yet another exciting pivot: launching her own literary agency.

At Anjali Singh Literary, launching this month, Singh will continue to represent literary fiction, nonfiction, children's literature, and graphic novels. She will bring her entire list over to the new boutique agency, comprising roughly 55 authors and illustrators. Her literary authors include Susan Abulhawa, Nawaaz Ahmed, Zara Chowdhary, and Bridgett Davis, and her graphic novel clients include Joel Christian Gill, Tessa Hulls, John Jennings, Deena Mohamed, Steenz, Salman Toor, and Ivy Noelle Weir. She will also offer consulting services through the agency.

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