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Submit material for publication publishes articles, advice, press releases, and news of interest to writers. We will also consider independent book reviews of new books aimed at writers. Accepted pieces appear online in our News and Articles sections of the website, and are also sent out by email in our free monthly newsletter, fwn.

All material must be directly related to the craft of creative writing and /or getting work published, or developements in the publishing industry that are relevant to writers. Submissions of irrelevant material will be ignored. To get an idea of what we publish, visit our News section, our Articles section, and our newsletter archive.

By submitting your material you grant the right to amend, edit, and publish your submission. We don't normally enter into correspondence about submissions, so if you want to know if the material you have submitted is included you should consider subscribing to the newsletter for free by clicking here. You are welcome to submit the same information elsewhere for simultaneous publication.

There is no payment for work we select, however you may include links to your own site, and / or include details of your own publications or ventures.

How to improve your chances of acceptance

The best way to improve the chances of us using your material is to make sure that you provide material which is as ready for publication as possible. This means writing it out as a proper article in the third person. If you have an opportunity for writers and you just provide us a link to your web page then we may carry out the research and write the piece ourselves, but if someone else has a similar opportunity and has already done the work for us, we will probably publish theirs instead.

Also remember that the newsletter is international. We will consider local opportunities, such as poetry readings and local writing groups, but we will favour international opportunities, such as invitiations to submit material online, which can be accessed by anyone around the world. If you want us to consider including local items, make sure you work extra hard to make it something we can cut and paste in with minimal intervention.

Above all, keep it relevant to writing. That doesn't mean writing computer code, or writing off debt, or competitions where you have to write your name in a box in order to enter – it means actual creative writing and / or publishing.

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