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Story St. Labs Wants You to Start That Novel You've Always Wanted to Write – Saturday March 5, 2016

Carlos Frederico Rosenwald believes that everyone has a story to tell. They just might not have a place they feel comfortable telling it.

"Telling stories is a very intimate thing for people," he said. "Exposing yourself and exposing your ideas is also something challenging. That sort of holds them back. They don't know how good they are until they put the story out there."

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Prue Leith: Women writers are underrated by publishers, says author – Friday March 4, 2016

The restaurateur-turned-novelist Prue Leith has hit out at the publishing industry for “underrating women’s writing” Love stories by female authors were not taken as seriously as those written by men, she said.

Leith told the audience at The Independent Bath Literature Festival: “I don’t want to sound carping and over-feminist but I do think there is something in publishing which underrates women’s writing.”

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Publishing's future lies in diverse audiences, Chi tells IPG – Wednesday March 2, 2016

Publishers need to do a “much better job of catering to underrepresented groups” as they have a responsibility to “represent the experiences of their broad readership”, Elsevier chairman Youngsuk Chi has told the IPG Conference.

Giving the first keynote speech at the Independent Publishers Guild’s Spring Conference today (2nd March), Chi told delegates that discussions about the future of publishing tend to focus on the publisher and the “digital revolution” of the industry but should instead “focus on the reader”.

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Hachette Agrees to Buy Perseus Publishing Business – Wednesday March 2, 2016

Having failed in its bid to buy the Perseus Book Group in 2014, Hachette Book Group announced Tuesday afternoon that it has entered into a binding agreement to acquire the company’s publishing division. Perseus announced last September that it was looking for potential buyers,and discussions are ongoing about the sale of its distribution business.

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Samhain Publishing to Shut Down Operations – Saturday February 27, 2016

In an email sent to authors Friday, Christina Brashear, publisher of Samhain Publishing, a mostly digital romance publisher, said the publisher will begin to shut down its publishing operations due to a steady decline in e-book sales.

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Simon and Schuster Launches Muslim Imprint for Children's Books – Friday February 26, 2016

Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing announced the launch of Salaam Reads, the first imprint at a major publisher focused on Muslim characters and stories. The imprint, which takes its name from the Arabic word for “peace,” plans to publish books for readers of all ages, including picture books, as well as middle grade and YA titles.

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This smart typewriter wants to be your distraction-free writing tool – Wednesday February 24, 2016

It’s happened to all of us, I’m sure; you sit down to write with the best intentions in the world, you are ready to GO! Right after you check Twitter. Then Instagram. Then that link your friend sent you. And before you know it you’re 12 links deep into Wikipedia reading about the fall of the Babylonian Empire because you always did wonder. It’s one of the pitfalls of using an internet-connected tool for writing. The internet doesn’t care that you have a deadline, and somewhere after the sixth cat compilation you stopped caring too.

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'We need small presses': author launches new award to support fiction from small publishers – Monday February 22, 2016

The award-winning novelist Neil Griffiths is launching a new literary prize celebrating the “small presses producing brilliant and brave literary fiction” in the UK and Ireland – and is preparing to “guilt trip” some of the country’s bestselling writers into supporting it.

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Novelists, get your pitch on at the International Literature Festival – Friday February 19, 2016

Aspiring authors with a book burning a hole in their desk drawer might want to take note of this latest literary event. (This opening sentence is a bit tortured; lose the clichés.)

The International Literature Festival (formerly the Dublin Writers Festival) is hosting a meet-the-agent event, when selected writers will pitch their work to five leading literary agents. (Break this sentence into two. Keep it concise.)

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Hunger for the new – the engine which powers publishing – Wednesday February 17, 2016

If you could time-travel five years back to a typical publishing presentation at a major house, the talk would have been exclusively of brands. ‎What do we seek to publish? Brands. What do we want from agents? Brands. The word delivered with the finality of the Ten Commandments. An unknown author had little chance of competing in that landscape. So went the prevailing theory.

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