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‘Just five more minutes …’: the joy of writing for children – Thursday April 6, 2017

There’s something magical about writing for 9-12-year-olds. I have loved books all my life, but it was at this age that I remember most clearly the overwhelming compulsion to keep reading, to find out what happens next, just one more chapter, just five more minutes. It’s the age when you first discover the joys of reading by torchlight under your duvet, the rest of the house quiet, hoping you won’t be caught before your hero escapes from the bad guys.

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Considering Getting a Literary Agent? Why You May or May Not Need One – Thursday April 6, 2017

As a writer, the road to publication can be fraught with a mix of unexpected opportunities and challenges. Like anything else, though, the more you know about what could happen, the better prepared you'll be to overcome setbacks and move forward to success.

A Novelist's Story

Novelist Derrick Craigie, also the associate dean of faculty for creative writing and literature online at Southern New Hampshire University, shares his experience and offers insights into the world of publication for fiction writers.

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Visitors to get clued up on Agatha Christie at crime writing festival – Wednesday April 5, 2017

Crime fiction fans will be able to visit a major exhibition celebrating Agatha Christie this summer at the hotel where she was found after her mysterious disappearance in 1926.

The Poirot and Miss Marple writer famously left her Surrey home on December 3 1926 and was discovered 11 days later staying under an assumed name at a hotel in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, but with no recollection of how she got there.

This year's star-studded Theakston Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival is to be held at that same hotel - the Old Swan Hotel - over four days in July.

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New Publisher Listing – Wednesday April 5, 2017

Publishes: Fiction; Nonfiction; 
Areas include: Biography; Fantasy; Historical; Military; Sci-Fi; TV; 
Markets: Adult; Children's; Youth

Award-winning independent book publisher, publishing a wide variety of books, from nonfiction, general fiction and children's, through to a range of cult TV books. Submit by post or using online submission form. No children's picture books. See website for full guidelines.

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Writing in the time of great editors – Tuesday April 4, 2017

Editors are the invisible hands that guide publishers and help writers strengthen their craft to achieve greatness. When thinking of greatness, I am reminded of Malvolio’s soliloquy in Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night when he says: “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ’em.”

Scrivener & Sons’ editor Maxwell Perkins was one of those born great. He edited Ernest Hemingway’s liberal use of salty language and fear of semicolons, resolved F. Scott Fitzgerald’s hesitation for book titles (Perkins replaced “Trimalchio in West Egg” with “The Great Gatsby”) and hacked off Thomas Wolfe’s purple prose and redundancy.

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What Is Camp NaNoWriMo? 7 Tips For A Successful Writing Month – Sunday April 2, 2017

At some point, all budding writers have fantasized about leaving their hectic lives behind and heading off to a cabin in the woods for some uninterrupted writing time. Sadly, most of us are a little too busy to do that — but the upcoming Camp NaNoWriMo in April might be the second best thing. Camp NaNoWriMo describes itself on its website as "an idyllic writer's retreat, smack-dab in the middle of your crazy life" — and can you think of anything more perfect than that?

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Publishers Did Marginally Better in 2016 – Sunday April 2, 2017

Four of the five large publicly held trade publishers managed to improve their operating margins in 2016 over 2015, despite generally weak revenue performances.

Penguin Random House, which reported its results last week, saw revenue fall 9.6% in 2016, to €3.36 billion, but since EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization) dropped only 3.6%, its operating margin in the year rose to 16%, from 15% in 2015. In a letter to employees, PRH CEO Markus Dohle said that a key to maintaining strong profitability levels has been the company’s commitment to “preserving a vital and vibrant bookselling community” as well as “maximizing efficiencies in our cutting-edge supply chain.” Dohle also noted PRH’s long-term commitment to print—“even when it was in decline earlier this decade”—and its use of technology to increase the reach of its books.

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Could YOU be the next Agatha Christie? Now the Mail gives you the chance with the return of our novel writing competition that could land you a £20,000 book deal – Friday March 31, 2017

Have you ever dreamed of writing a book that becomes a bestseller? Could you be the next Agatha Christie, queen of the crime novel? Well, here's your chance to make that fantasy come true.

Last year, we launched the Daily Mail First Novel competition with the prize of a £20,000 publishing deal with one of the world's biggest and most respected publishers, Penguin Random House.

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New Magazine Listing – Friday March 31, 2017

Publishes: Essays; Fiction; Nonfiction; Poetry; Reviews; 
Markets: Adult; 
Preferred styles: Literary

Online journal publishing poetry, fiction, essays, reviews and visual art. Send up to five poems, or up to two pieces of prose up to 8,000 words, or one review between 300 and 1,000 words.

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New Literary Agency Listing – Thursday March 30, 2017

Handles: Fiction
Areas: Adventure; Fantasy; Mystery; Religious; Romance; Sci-Fi; Suspense; Thrillers
Markets: Adult; Children's; Youth
Treatments: Commercial; Literary

Our mission is to help authors become traditionally published. We represent commercial fiction that is well-crafted. We work closely with authors to ensure their book is in the best presentable form. Our publishing connections come from numerous conferences, luck, and genuine care. We do not charge reading fees as we adhere to the Association of Author Representatives' Canon of Ethics. 

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