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New Magazine Listing: Beir Bua Journal – Thursday July 29, 2021

Interested in conceptual poetics of new language, women's issues, motherhood, slanted unreality, polarity and plurality of time, religion, Ireland's history. Would love more Irish women experimental poets.

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What's in a Blurb?: The History of Book Blurbing – Wednesday July 28, 2021

It’s cliche, but books are judged by their covers. For one thing, often the cover lets the reader know what kind of book they are buying. White woman in a gown or a shirtless muscle-bound man: romance. Bright cartoon picture superimposed with san serif: young adult. Dark with silhouetted figure in the mist: mystery. Dripping font titles: probably horror. So, let’s say you’re a genre reader, have found your section in the bookstore, and are trying to find something new. The next thing to examine are the blurbs. If Neil Gaiman stans see he’s read and endorsed a book, they will be more likely to give it a try. Haruki Murakami says this book is a must read? Then read you must.

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New Magazine Listing: Mythaxis Review – Wednesday July 28, 2021

A cutting edge publication that seeks to present art and artists at the axis of curiosity and the energetic core of the creative act. Looks at books, movies, music and more.

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New Literary Agent Listing: Jake Allgeier – Wednesday July 28, 2021

Has a fondness for genre fiction that utilizes classic genre conventions to reveal timely issues, particularly in horror and detective novels. In nonfiction, he enjoys historical nonfiction and pop culture books with LGBTQ+ themes.

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New Literary Agent Listing: Margaret Danko – Monday July 26, 2021

Actively looking for attention-grabbing voices especially literary fiction with teeth, historical fiction with a dash of magical realism, fresh literary and commercial suspense, spooky contemporary and fantasy YA, narratives with a deep sense of place and history, quirky and heartwarming family stories, and rom-coms full of charm and whimsy. She is also interested in nonfiction in the areas of humor, lifestyle, popular science, health/wellness, true crime, politics, and current affairs. She does not represent Middle Grade or picture books.

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Conservative children’s publisher Brave Books debuts with ‘Elephants Are Not Birds’ – Sunday July 25, 2021

A new conservative publishing house wants to get the “wokeness” out of bedtime.

Launching this week, Brave Books will focus exclusively on stories for kids, and offers parents “a conservative alternative to the current cultural activism that our children are being taught in schools, in the entertainment they watch and the books they read,” according to their website.

Company CEO Trent Talbot, who had his first child a little more than a year ago, conceived of Brave Books when, he said, he started to notice “that there is a real war going on for the hearts and minds of our kids. And everywhere I looked was propaganda,” the Montgomery, Texas-based dad told The Post.

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New Literary Agent Listing: Lee O'Brien – Thursday July 22, 2021

Across all age categories, they’re looking for books with clear stakes and an immersive world, as well as anything with lots of atmosphere, magic, monsters, intrigue, or a plot full of twists and turns. They’re actively seeking underrepresented voices, and they have a particular soft spot for queer romance (whether it’s an epic love story or a first crush), ace rep, and trans kids with swords.

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New Literary Agent Listing: Anna Gamble – Monday July 19, 2021

Would love to see high concept chapter books with a strong hook and middle grade fiction that really knows its audience and offers a sense of adventure.

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Festival of Words guests talk fantasy writing, defining genre during panel – Sunday July 18, 2021

A selection of fantasy authors joined together to talk about how they approach writing a genre that includes anything the imagination can create, during the ongoing Saskatchewan Festival of Words.

The panel was pre-recorded, as part of a small series of sessions from the Festival of Words available for attendees to watch anytime.

Moderated by crime writer Wayne Arthurson — who said he was an avid fantasy reader excited to join the discussion — authors Melanie McFarlane, C.L. Polk and Hiromi Goto sat down to talk about the details of creating fantasy fiction.

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New Publisher Listing: Wolfpack Publishing – Thursday July 15, 2021

An award winning indie publisher that began life as a small Western Fiction publishing company, but which now publishes across a variety of genres. Continues to specialise in Westerns, but not accepting submissions for Westerns as at July 2021.

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