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Twelfth short story contest winners announced – Thursday August 11, 2016

After much deliberation, is pleased to announce the winners and special commendations of its Twelfth International Short Story Contest, which opened in May 2015 and closed on May 1, 2016.

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The Global Golden Age for Independent Publishers Has Begun – Wednesday August 10, 2016

A number of years ago, I predicted the publishing and bookselling industries would follow a boutique model, with the large and small and little in between. Note: this also applies to other industries, in most part due to the digital age and today’s customer.

Book sales would be split between higher priced print books, for which the margin would be found, and low price digital books, which would provide the mass quantities. Bookstores would be split between the large chains with the budgets and economies of scale, and a wide range of independent bookstores that successfully built and became indispensable to their communities. Likewise, publishers would consist of the huge conglomerates with the advertising and bargaining power, and a vibrant independent publishing sector in touch and adaptive to the book buying community.

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Top 10 books writers should read – Wednesday August 10, 2016

Writing a novel from scratch, which is to say without training, was such an unexpected odyssey that I was prompted to recall the discoveries in my new book, Release the Bats – as much to remind myself where the power lay as to pass the keys on to others trying their luck. I didn’t read a lot before writing a novel, but I realise now that certain books helped set me up. Writing fiction means writing vibrant human characters, and luck is with us in terms of research, as we haven’t essentially changed since we came down from the trees. So the best grounding for a fiction writer must be one that explores human nature with gloves off. There’s nothing like literature from ancient Rome bemoaning consumer culture to show that nothing is new, or literature from Habsburg Italy telling how to hire nuns for sex from the mothers superior of convents to put Fifty Shades in perspective. Which is to say that if we haven’t figured ourselves out by now, there’s still time: we’re not going anywhere.

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How To Quit Your Job And Write A Novel – Wednesday August 10, 2016

Think that writing and publishing a novel is hard? Guess what: it’s ten times harder. The editor who bought The Regulars read roughly 400 submissions, via agents, the year she bought my book. She could buy a total of seven. A year. Most writers don’t sell their first novel. They sell their third or fourth. You have to submit a polished draft in order to get published, not a patchy first draft and certainly not a proposal. It. Is. Hard.

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New Magazine Listing – Tuesday August 9, 2016

Publishes: Poetry; 
Markets: Adult; 
Preferred styles: Literary

Quarterly journal publishing haibun and tanka prose only. 

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Children's author Helen Gradwell lay dead in her home for four months - as a publisher's letter sat on her doormat offering her a book deal – Sunday August 7, 2016

A reclusive author lay dead in her home for four months while a letter from book publishers accepting her first children's novel lay unread on the door mat.

Former teacher Helen Gradwell was discovered at her home near Bolton, Greater Manchester, after neighbours finally raised the alarm.

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Publishers' Dilemma: Judge A Book By Its Data Or Trust The Editor's Gut? – Wednesday August 3, 2016

Publishing is a notoriously risky business.

A publishing house might give a first-time author a six-figure deal, only to see the book flop. It's always been hard to predict what will sell. Now publishers are getting some help from data that tells them how readers read — and that makes some people nervous.

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The Goat Bursary: Joanna Cannon And The Writers' Workshop Announce Funding For An Unpublished Author To Attend The Festival Of Writing 2016 – Wednesday August 3, 2016

THE GOAT BURSARY is available to an unpublished author who needs financial support in order to attend the Festival of Writing, an annual conference run by The Writers' Workshop.

The festival is an opportunity for unpublished authors to meet publishers, get advice from professional authors and pitch their work direct to agents. Attending can be a life-changing moment in an author's career: unique within the literary festival circuit, the Festival of Writing's primary focus is getting its delegates published, with agents there specifically to find the next publishing sensations.

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Write Track: This social tracker helped one author make the Man Booker longlist – Tuesday August 2, 2016

Everyone has a book in them, could Write Track help make yours a reality?

The Man Booker Prize is one of the most hotly anticipated awards of the literary calendar – it’s an incredible accomplishment to even be nominated.

This year, you may have already seen Wyl Menmuir’s debut novel The Many in our picksfrom the esteemed Man Booker 2016 longlist.

What you didn’t know, is that this gripping moody book may not have even existed if it weren’t for a new online tool called Write Track.

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2017 Submissions for PEN Literary Awards Due – Tuesday August 2, 2016

With the August 15 deadline for submitting to the 2017 PEN Literary Awards just two weeks away, PEN is reminding publishers and literary agents to submit their authors’ books for PEN’s prestigious awards which will confer over $250,000 to writers and translators spanning the fields of fiction, essays, science writing, biography, and more.

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