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Personal Rejections for Famous Short Stories – Wednesday August 4, 2021

Every (traditionally) published author has had their work rejected along the way. A common piece of advice most writers come across is to break in with short stories, as many well-known authors have done. Once upon a time, magazines were also the way many novels were published — one chapter at a time — and they’re still popular for shorter fiction. Over the years many enterprising writers have, by choice or by necessity, founded their own magazines, such as the many literary magazines of the Harlem Renaissance. Many famous authors have published short fiction either before they publish novels, or concurrently. Shirley Jackson’s first novel was fairly well-received, but her story “The Lottery” made a big splash when it was published in The New Yorker, and likely found many readers who had been unaware of her book; perhaps they were quicker to buy her next novel.

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New Publisher Listing: Mango Publishing Group – Wednesday August 4, 2021

An innovative independent publisher based in Miami. Publishes books from the freshest, most distinctive voices of our time, and seeks to stretch the boundaries of our online culture, social media and ideas.

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New Literary Agent Listing: Camilla Bolton – Wednesday August 4, 2021

Looking for accessible and commercial crime, thrillers, mysteries, suspense and women’s fiction.

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New Literary Agent Listing: Laura Rennert – Tuesday August 3, 2021

Specializes in all categories of children's books, from picture books to young adult. On the adult side, she represents literary-commercial fiction, thrillers, horror, sci-fi/fantasy, speculative fiction, and select historical fiction. Her sweet spot in the market is literary voice and commercial conception.

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New Publisher Listing: The Innovation Press – Monday August 2, 2021

Publishes memorable children's books that inspire learning, enliven creative thinking, and spark imaginations. From innovative activity books to clever fiction.

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New Literary Agency Listing: Julie Crisp Literary Agency – Monday August 2, 2021

Open to submissions and looking forward to considering any fantasy, science fiction, historical, bookclub, crime/thrillers. Would be particularly pleased to consider diverse and own voices novels.

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Abbott, Peace and Cha headline Noirwich Crime Writing Festival – Saturday July 31, 2021

Megan Abbott will deliver this year's Noirwich Crime Writing Festival Lecture, focusing on adaptation and crime writing in the era of Netflix and HBO.

The festival is now in its eighth year and will run from 9th–12th September, delivered by the National Centre for Writing and the University of East Anglia (UEA). This year's festival will be a hybrid programme with in-person creative writing workshops at Dragon Hall, as well as free online events to extend the reach to international audiences.

Joining Abbott in topping the bill are David Peace and Korean-American novelist Steph Cha, who won the Los Angeles Times Book Award for her crime fiction novel Your House Will Pay (Faber). The programme will also include a showcase of new voices in crime writing from UEA’s MA programme and a celebration of over 50 years of creative writing at the university. Further programme announcements will be made in the coming weeks.

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New Literary Agent Listing: Chris Combemale – Friday July 30, 2021

Looking for a broad range of literary fiction and commercial fiction with an unexpected hook, from psychological suspense to speculative and fantasy. In non-fiction he is interested in memoir, essay, and expert-driven projects across subject areas with special attention to technology, food, pop-science, economics, and any book that asks big questions about forces of change.

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‘I Don’t Believe In Writer’s Block’: Scott Alexander Hess On Writing Fiction – Thursday July 29, 2021

Ten years ago, Scott Alexander Hess published his first novel — and in the decade since, he’s published six more, if you count his two new novellas just out from Rebel Satori Press. That’s on top of a busy schedule as a fiction writing instructor at Gotham Writers Workshop and work as a consultant helping others with novels of their own.

The key, he said, is to write. Even when it doesn’t seem very good. That’s one reason he says flatly, “I don’t believe in writer’s block.”

The St. Louis native explained his philosophy on Wednesday’s St. Louis on the Air.

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New Publisher Listing: Blue Star Press – Thursday July 29, 2021

Focuses on the arts, creative processes, wellness, and witty non-fiction.

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