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New Publisher Listing: Fitzroy Books – Tuesday January 10, 2023

Publishes children's books, middle-grade and young-adult fiction. Send a query letter, a one-page synopsis of your story, and the first three chapters of your novel or the first fifty pages, whichever is more, via online submission system.

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That’s Not Typing, It’s Writing: How T. S. Eliot Wrote “The Waste Land” – Monday January 9, 2023

When an interviewer said in 1959 that he’d heard that TS Eliot composed on the typewriter, he received a qualified reply. “Partly on the typewriter,” Eliot responded, and offered an insight into his recent play, The Elder Statesman, saying that it was initially produced in pencil on paper, before he transferred it to the machine. “In typing myself I make alterations,” he said, “very considerable ones.”

The early poems of the Prufrock years were mostly begun in manuscript and occasionally transferred to typescript (Conrad Aiken possessed a sheet produced by Eliot in splendid purple italic on a Blickensderfer). But for the poems of the “French” style—the Hogarth, Ovid and Knopf editions—and for the period of The Waste Land—a run of five years and perhaps sixteen poems—Eliot appears to have altered his approach.

In August 1916, he told Aiken that he was composing on the typewriter and enjoying lucidity and compression as a result. Most likely, he was thinking of his prose when he wrote this, but it may not be a coincidence that from that moment no draft manuscripts at all survive until the pages of The Waste Land in 1921. Some papers may have been written and destroyed in the act of transfer onto the machine, a moment which, to Eliot, marked the end of their practical value; but the condition of some initial typescripts—many in states of reasonably heavy revision—suggests that at this time Eliot was making his first drafts directly onto the typewriter.

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New Publisher Listing: HopeRoad – Friday January 6, 2023

Promotes the best writing from and about Africa, Asia and the Caribbean, with themes of identity, cultural stereotyping, disability and injustices of particular interest.

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New Literary Agent Listing: Dotti Irving – Friday January 6, 2023

Primarily interested in narrative non-fiction, in books that tell a story that rings true and speaks to a wider world.

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United Talent Agency Grows Its Literary Business – Thursday January 5, 2023

With the acquisition of the literary agency Fletcher & Company, UTA added hundreds of authors to its client roster. The deal comes amid consolidation in the entertainment industry.

When United Talent Agency, which represents celebrities like Chris Pratt, Timothée Chalamet, Kevin Hart, Bad Bunny and Lizzo, bought the esteemed London-based agency Curtis Brown last summer, it made a bold play for a bigger toehold in the book world. With the acquisition, UTA took on the estates of towering literary figures like John le Carré, Ian Fleming, Daphne du Maurier and A.A. Milne.

Now, UTA is expanding its ambitions even further by buying the literary agency Fletcher & Company, dramatically increasing its roster of contemporary novelists and nonfiction writers. The agencies announced the deal on Wednesday.

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Two Fine Crows Books – Thursday January 5, 2023

Publishes books of nature and spirit.

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The End of a Book World Mystery: A Suspect in Manuscript Thefts to Plead Guilty – Wednesday January 4, 2023

Filippo Bernardini was arrested by the F.B.I. last year. He is expected to enter his plea on Friday, ending a yearslong saga that captivated the industry.

The mystery captivated the book world: For years, someone impersonated authors and agents, editors and publishers, trying to steal unpublished book manuscripts from high profile authors like Margaret Atwood, Ian McEwan and Ethan Hawke, but also from debut novelists and writers of more obscure works.

Now, a resolution to the yearslong scheme is near. On Friday, Filippo Bernardini is expected to plead guilty to wire fraud in front of a magistrate court judge in Manhattan, according to an email from the office of the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York that was sent to victims on Tuesday.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested Bernardini early last year, saying he had “impersonated, defrauded, and attempted to defraud, hundreds of individuals” over five or more years, gaining access to hundreds of unpublished manuscripts in the process.

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New Publisher Listing: CGI (Chartered Governance Institute) Publishing – Wednesday January 4, 2023

Practical governance books and media on business skills; boards; risk and compliance; company secretarial practice; governance; and study texts.

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New Magazine Listing: Story Unlikely – Wednesday January 4, 2023

Seeks short stories of all genres and styles - as long as it's a story, we'll consider it. We prefer shorter fiction, but will accept up to 10,000 word pieces. We are concerned only with the quality of the story (both by the author's ability to write clean prose and their ability to in how to tell a story), and not by their pedigree (or lack there of).

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New Literary Agent Listing: Kara Grajkowski – Wednesday January 4, 2023

Looking for contemporary middle grade fiction; contemporary young adult fiction; and own voices.

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