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5 Writing Tips From Stephen King's Twitter To Help You Pen Your Bestselling Novel – Tuesday July 25, 2017

It's always helpful for aspiring writers to get advice from their heroes, so whenever Stephen King shares writing advice onlineeveryone takes notice. And Stephen King's latest piece of advice is so short and simple it will have writers across the world scrambling for a pen to make edits to their latest manuscript, and remove Stephen King's least favorite phrase. According to a tweet recently posted by King, writers should never use the phrase "for a long moment."

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Is the ebook a dead format? – Monday July 24, 2017

Nowadays, the ebook has a reputation for technological conservatism - so it is easy to forget that there was significant anticipation for the Kindle’s arrival ten years ago.

In a 2009 editorial, The Bookseller declared the device was “a giant leap for all”. The Kindle was frequently compared to the iPod’s transformative effect on the music industry. No wonder - the ebook format promised several advantages. Users could adjust typographic settings for improved accessibility; there was an increased level of portability; and the move to digital distribution promised the ability to purchase publishers’ extensive back catalogues.

But despite the early promise of the ebook, many are questioning whether it has lived up to these expectations. In recent years, the ebook has faced significant backlash amid reports of declining sales in trade publishing. The Publishing Association Yearbook 2016 noted a 17% slump in the sale of consumer ebooks while physical book revenue increased by 8%. Over the last couple of years, audiobooks have replaced ebooks as digital publishing’s critical darling on the back of a rapid increase in revenue. In this climate, several commentators have asked “how ebooks lost their shine.”

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Angela Booth Launches Two Romance Fiction Writing Guides For Self-Publishers – Sunday July 23, 2017

Romances account for a third of all fiction titles published in a year. They account for two thirds of all fiction ebooks. In many genres of romance, indie authors dominate. Partly this is because indies control the pricing of their ebooks, but it's also because indie authors can publish quickly, to meet readers' demands.

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Yen Press to Launch JY, a Kids’ Graphic Novel Imprint in Fall 2017 – Sunday July 23, 2017

Looking to expand its efforts in a fast growing children’s graphic novel market, Yen Press LLC, a joint venture between Hachette and Japanese publisher Kadokawa, is launching JY, a new imprint focused on middle grade graphic novels. Named for JuYoun Lee, the deputy publisher of Yen Press, the new imprint will launch in Fall 2017 with the first of three series.

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What Does A Book Editor Do? Macmillan's Rhoda Belleza Has Some Insight On The Covetable Job – Thursday July 20, 2017

If you're anything like me, you're a readers who is super interested in book publishing, and what goes on behind the scenes of your favorite books. The books we hold in our hands have all had massive journeys — from the author sitting at their computers or notebooks banging out the words, to you holding that brand new crisp hardback in your hands.

There are literary agents and book packagers and so many more people who get a book from A to Z. But one of the most well known of these people is probably the book editor. These are the people who help take an author's work from good to great — the people who get it ready to hit the shelves (and, hopefully, the bestseller list.) But, whether you're just interested in learning more about the industry or you actually want to break in yourself, you might find yourself wondering what, exactly, a book editor's day to day looks like.

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New Literary Agency Listing – Thursday July 20, 2017

Handles: Fiction; Nonfiction
Areas: Arts; Culture; Historical; Politics; Sport
Markets: Academic; Adult
Treatments: Literary

Send query by email with cover letter, brief synopsis, and (if submitting an academic manuscript) an author CV. Responds to queries within 72 hours. Unsolicited mss will not be read or replied to, whether sent by post or email.

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New Magazine Listing – Wednesday July 19, 2017

Publishes: Fiction; Poetry; 
Areas include: Short Stories; 
Markets: Adult; 
Preferred styles: Literary

Publishes poetry and fiction - often by people who have been marginalised, oppressed, or abused. Submit up to 6 poems and/or 1-3 short stories or one long story. Submit by post with SASE. Email submissions from overseas authors only.

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10 Books On Writing To Read If You Don't Have The Time (Or Money) For A Workshop – Saturday July 15, 2017

Look, I know that in a perfect world every aspiring writer would have workshops full of peer reviewers, and infinite funding for their MFA, and a golden typewriter. But unfortunately, we live in an imperfect world, in which most writers work three or more day jobs and survive off of dry pasta and mug cakes. Never fear, though: even if you don't have the time or funds to enroll in a high-end writer's workshop, you can still pick up a few tips on how to write well. Writers love nothing more than to write about writing, after all. So here are a few books to read if you don't have time for a writing workshop.

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10 Writing Rules You Can (and Should) Break – Friday July 14, 2017

Let me begin by reminding you—and myself, because of certain things we must routinely remind ourselves, too—that there are, in fact, no rules in fiction. Like, none. (Hell, in this context, the word rule should probably even appear in quotes, just as, say, “reality” has since—when?—1920? 1945? ’53? From November 8, 2016 on, for sure.) And also by reminding us that this general rulelessness is almost certainly a big part of what made us want to write the stuff in the first place. (Remember that joyful whoop that would surge through the classroom whenever Teacher announced that the next assignment was to be creative? Exactly.) Why, if we wanted to follow rules we would’ve leapt to become the low-to-mid-level employees that we’ve had to be anyway in order to buy ourselves all the time we need to learn how to not follow any goddamned rules for a change. Because, regardless of what all these rule enforcers like to tell themselves and others, breaking rules really means writing new ones of your own, which, of course, is way harder than simply following the ones other people came up with. But regardless of how you feel about rules, so long as you’re willing to break them now and then, here are 10 that you should absolutely have at:

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Seat 14C: Science Fiction short story competition launched – Friday July 14, 2017

On June 28, XPRIZE launched Seat 14C, an online science fiction anthology that offers a glimpse into a techno-optimistic future.  Many of the world’s leading sci-fi authors have contributed an original short story told from the perspective of one of the passengers on a flight that mysteriously lands in San Francisco, 20 years in the future, and they need your help.

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