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New Magazine Listing: Strukturriss – Thursday September 23, 2021

Particularly looking for radical genre-bending work, and ask for submissions that do not adhere to conventional boundaries in terms of form and content. Underrepresented narrative voices, nonlinear fiction, genderbending and queering, non-conventional poetry, radical essays in fiction and non-fiction are all particularly welcome. Some amount of non-English is fine, but please make sure the majority of your submission is in English.

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New Literary Agent Listing: Maddy Belton – Thursday September 23, 2021

Interests are broad but she is particularly interested in hearing from marginalised voices including, but not limited to, those in the LGBTQ+ community and BIPOC.

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New Literary Agent Listing: Vincent dePaul Lupiano – Wednesday September 22, 2021

A published author and a talent hunter. Interested in Action/Adventure and Political Thrillers with matchless female characters; Historical; and Military History, with a focus on lesser-known stories of significance.

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New Publisher Listing: New American Press – Tuesday September 21, 2021

An independent nonprofit literary press that publishes fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and works in translation. Does not regularly accept unsolicited manuscripts, but queries are welcome.

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‘Fight Club’ Author Chuck Palahniuk on Why He’s Publishing New Novel Via Substack – Tuesday September 21, 2021

Best-selling author Chuck Palahniuk is joining Substack, he announced Monday, and will be releasing his new novel, “Greener Pastures,” in installments on the platform. The serialized fiction novel will be part of a broader output called “Plot Spoiler,” making him the latest media and literary figure to join the burgeoning newsletter subscription service.

In a call with TheWrap, Palahniuk declined to discuss any financial terms, but said he was approached by Substack after last year’s “Consider This” memoir got “a ton of podcast attention” and great reviews.

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Publishers, Amazon Ask Court to Dismiss ‘Illogical’ E-book Price-Fixing Suit – Monday September 20, 2021

In separate filings late last week, lawyers for the Big Five publishers and Amazon asked a federal court to dismiss a lawsuit accusing them of a conspiracy to fix e-book prices.

In their September 17 filings, lawyers for Amazon and the Big Five publishers insist there is no evidence of any coordination or agreement among them to fix e-book prices or otherwise restrain competition. Perhaps more importantly, they argue, the alleged conspiracy—in which the five largest American trade publishers are alleged to have banded together to give Amazon monopoly power over e-books—fundamentally makes no sense.

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New indie publishing company aims to do things a little differently – Sunday September 19, 2021

Zibby Owens has interviewed nearly 1,000 authors in about 3 ½ years for her popular podcast, “Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books” (don’t let the title fool you: They do have time to read books, they just need a curated list of recommendations to help them cut through the overwhelming number of titles). Over the course of such conversations, and countless other opportunities to witness the publishing industry up close, an idea began to take shape: Why not start her own publishing company, and do things a little differently? 

Last week, the NYC native announced the start of Zibby Books, which she will launch as part of Zibby Owens Media with publishing veteran Leigh Newman. Starting in January 2023, Zibby Books will publish 12 books a year, a mix of memoir and fiction from debut and established authors. 

“I figured if we published more than a book a month, I’d just be competing with myself for readers’ time,” says Owens. “Plus I want readers to not only read our books, but all types of books from all types of publishers in different genres. Some of the books we’ve acquired already are by people who I’ve told, ‘You should write a book!’ ” 

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What makes a good writer? Human stories, active voice and an open mind – Thursday September 16, 2021

Many journalists find their way to the industry because of their love of writing. We put together words and sentences to tell stories that matter, always with one eye on the word count and deadlines. Most of the time, we enjoy the process of writing as much as seeing the final piece of work getting published.

But what is good writing? Is it the ability of a perspicacious reporter to punctiliously select supreme words, refining his or her locution to the point of perfection? Or is it the skill of telling a story clearly, concisely and accurately?

You know the answer. But sometimes journalists’ passion for the written word can be their worst enemy and we end up stuffing our stories with fluff and gibberish.

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New Literary Agent Listing: Kimberly Peticolas – Thursday September 16, 2021

Has a passion for immersive fiction, and content-rich non-fiction. She also has a soft spot for military history.

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New Publisher Listing: Rocky Nook – Wednesday September 15, 2021

A small, independent publishing company with the goal of helping photographers of all levels improve their skills in capturing those moments that matter. Creates books that help you master the technology, find inspiration, and hone your craft in order to create better pictures. Also now publishing books on drawing, painting, graphic design, crafts, and much more.

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