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Want to write a good children's book? Here are 7 tips to guide you – Tuesday April 12, 2016

I have one of those jobs I don't really talk about at cocktail parties — especially around suburban parents with young children.

Because, when I tell them I am a published children's book author, I start the count — 3…2…1...— just waiting for the inevitable question:

"You write children's books? I have a children's book! Can I send it to you?"

What most people don't know is that editors receive more picture book manuscripts than any other genre. Why? Because it seems so easy to do. Well, despite popular belief, writing books for small people who can't even read is actually really hard.

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Why writing diverse children's books is tough – Tuesday April 12, 2016

What’s the point of having another shoddily-realised feisty girl or two-dimensional token wheelchair sidekick to add to the massive pile of rubbish attempts at diversity? Author Ross Montgomery on why it’s hard to write diverse – but that’s no excuse not to.

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Pullman urges publishers to examine their role – Monday April 11, 2016

Publishers need to ask themselves what are they offering writers and readers that other agencies cannot provide, author Philip Pullman told delegates at the International Publishers Congress yesterday (Sunday 10th April).

“If I was a publisher I’d be looking very carefully at what we do and what we don’t do," Pullman said. "I’d be asking: what is it that makes me necessary to writers and readers, storytellers and their audience? Could it be done by anyone else? Would it make any difference if it wasn’t done at all?”

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New Magazine Listing – Monday April 11, 2016

Publishes: Essays; Fiction; Nonfiction; Poetry

Areas include: Short Stories

Markets: Adult

Preferred styles: Literary

Submit fiction or personal essays up to 5,000 words, or 3-5 poems, via online submission system.

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Peter Owen Publishers To Join Forces With Istros Books – Thursday April 7, 2016

Istros Books – an independent publisher with a focus on contemporary literature from South-East Europe – will become an imprint of the long-established publishing house Peter Owen Publishers.

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New Publisher Listing – Thursday April 7, 2016

Publishes: Fiction; 
Areas include: Fantasy; Sci-Fi; Short Stories; 
Markets: Academic; Adult; 
Preferred styles: Dark

Publishes Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Dark Fantasy (including their sub-genres). Will consider short stories, novelettes, novellas, novels, graphic novels, academic material. See website for submission guidelines.

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Breda Wall Ryan on writing In a Hare’s Eye – Wednesday April 6, 2016

When judge Kevin Barry announced my debut poetry collection, In a Hare’s Eye (Doire Press 2015), as the winner of this year’s Shine/Strong Poetry Award at Mountains to Sea dlr Book Festival, it marked a new milestone on my poetry journey, a journey begun in childhood. Poetry came to me first at the ear. My mother used to recite narrative poems to us as bedtime stories and I was captivated by their rhymes and rhythms. I can still recite swathes of poetry I learned on the cusp of sleep, that tipping point between the conscious and the unconscious. The marvellous imagery and skewed logic of dreams is one of the places my poems are born. If I held a sure key to that otherworld of the unconscious, I’d go there more often, to bring back embryonic poems. One strand of my poetry explores the borders between the real and surreal, between acquired and personal mythologies. A second strand concerns nature, the environment, and our human mistreatment of the earth.

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New Publisher Listing – Wednesday April 6, 2016

Publishes: Poetry; 
Markets: Adult

Publishes contemporary English language poetry books and chapbooks. Submit via website through online submission system. $15 reading fee.

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Expresso Analyzes Your Writing to Weed Out Unnecessary Words – Monday April 4, 2016

Words are powerful, and writers have to choose them carefully. Expresso helps improve your writing by analyzing your text, pointing out style issues, and suggesting alternatives.

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Let It Go! Improve Your Writing and Free Yourself From Attachment – Monday April 4, 2016

In writing and in life, it behooves us to remain as free from attachment as possible. Now, you may immediately wonder, “What does that mean? Especially when it comes to writing?!”

Here are a few thoughts to consider. It’s not uncommon for writers to occasionally get attached to certain words, phrases or passages, which inevitably feel essential to getting our message or story across. The problem with such “attachment” is we find ourselves disappointed when we’re told (by editors or agents or publishers or readers), “That part didn’t really work for me.”

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