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New Magazine Listing: Rising Innovator – Friday August 28, 2020

A web-only publication to support entrepreneurship in children. We have three basic targets: children aged 8 to 18, their parents, and any school staff that teach entrepreneurship. We offer news, profiles, guides, advice, and any articles of interest to our audience. We also offer a few free online tools as well, such as a quiz that helps children select a business idea.

Because of our different targets, sometimes we solicit the same content to be written for two different audiences. We keep content differentiated on our website. If you have further questions then please refer to the guidelines above or email us.

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New Literary Agent Listing: Janet Silver – Thursday August 27, 2020

Represents literary fiction, memoir, and creative/narrative nonfiction with a compelling storyline. In both fiction and nonfiction, she seeks diverse, singular voices, and unique perspectives.

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New Publisher Imprint Listing: Imagine Publishing – Wednesday August 26, 2020

Publishes 8-10 titles a year, primarily focused on history, politics, women’s studies, and nature.

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Magazine Rejections and Learning to Love the Hate – Tuesday August 25, 2020

Many years ago, an editor at The Chicago Quarterly Review sent me one of the most colorful rejections I’ve gotten from a magazine: “I can’t think of a single person who’d want to spend thirty seconds with these morons,” meaning the characters in my short story but also, in a way, me.

It was a story about falling in love with a stripper in Missoula, titled “The Machinery Above Us,” and Eclipse Magazine took it some time after that. There were graphic parts in it and I noticed that the rejections came most fluidly from the Ivy and Ivy-adjacent literary journals on my submission A-list. The Partisan ReviewThe Paris ReviewDoubletakeStory, and Boulevard rejected it with a quickness. They seemed to find the material distasteful.

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Start Preparing for NaNoWriMo Now – Saturday August 22, 2020

Even under normal circumstances, early planning for major events is critical to their success. This year, of course, we are in far from ordinary circumstances, which makes it that much more important for writers to begin planning for National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo, for short—NaNo, for even shorter) right now.

A couple years (decades?) ago, an amazing colleague spelled out a game plan for succeeding at the challenge of writing a 50,000-word novel draft within the month of November. But like most structured plans, it takes time to get into a groove and properly form a habit. NaNoWriMo should be treated no differently. It may sound easy to some—you’re just writing 1,667 words per day, not training for a marathon—but take it from someone’s who’s done both: the preparation involved in both is, in many ways, is quite similar.

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New Literary Agent Listing: Jennifer Gates – Thursday August 20, 2020

Represents a range of nonfiction, including narrative and expert-driven works, memoir, current affairs, pop culture, as well as literary fiction and children’s books.

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Spread the Word launches London Writers Awards 2021 – Tuesday August 18, 2020

Submissions are now open for Spread the Word's 2021 London Writers Awards, which this year focus on developing authors of literary fiction, commercial fiction, YA/children’s fiction and narrative non-fiction.

The literary charity launched its annual writing development programme to support and "nurture writers from communities currently under-represented and marginalised in UK publishing". 

Spread the Word invites applications from London-based writers of colour, working class, LGBTQIA+ and writers with disabilities, with 30 successful applicants to be offered a place on an intensive programme of development taking place over 10 months (January 2021 – October 2021) alongside networking with agents and publishers. The programme is free to participate in and offers bursaries and an access fund. Participants are selected through a free and open application process.

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New Literary Agent Listing: Danya Kukafka – Monday August 17, 2020

She is interested literary fiction with particularly propulsive storylines. She is seeking literary suspense, sophisticated thrillers, speculative fiction, and experimental fiction—she also loves true crime that feels attuned to today’s cultural conversations, as well as upmarket literary fiction you can read in one gulp.

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New Literary Agent Listing: Anne C. Perry – Sunday August 16, 2020

Joins the agency in September 2020 to develop fiction and nonfiction.

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New Literary Agent Listing: Jessica Errera – Sunday August 16, 2020

Looking for commercial women’s fiction with a fresh and fun hook, all genres of YA (especially diverse stories), contemporary romance, thrillers and suspense, the occasional historical fiction, and anything that might be read in a day on the beach.

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