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Audio royalties come under scrutiny as sales of audiobooks continue to soar – Saturday June 26, 2021

Debate is raging in the publishing industry over whether authors are benefiting fairly from the audio and e-book boom, with concerns over the “Spotification” of books, as sales soared even further in lockdown. 

Agents are urging for a greater share of royalties for authors beyond the standard 25% from these formats, while publishers argue writers do receive their fair share.    

According to the Publishers Association’s recent Publishing in 2020 report, audio downloads have soared by a third to a value of £133m (+37%), while consumer digital sales rose by almost a quarter to £418m (24%), of which £267m is domestic (+29%), across invoiced sales. Over the past five years, audio downloads have risen by 241% overall.   

However, almost every agent who spoke to The Bookseller revealed concern for how authors are getting the “thin slice of the digital pie”. Caroline Michel, c.e.o. of PFD, believes the situation is too rigid. “Publishers very quickly made [e-books and audio] part of the volume rights to a book, but have stuck religiously to 25% of net receipts as a royalty. You get movement on backlist books... but when it comes to frontlist titles, it is pretty set. I know that publishers for certain authors—you know, the huge sellers—can get some movement, but for most authors it is set and publishers seem to treat it as a nice add-on rather than actually a pretty established format.     

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New Magazine Listing: And Magazine – Wednesday June 23, 2021

Send your best work poems, article, essay, paper, artwork in MS word file and images in jpeg format by email.

All the accepted accepted works will be published with ISBN No. and will available in major bookstores worldwide.

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New Publisher Listing: Toad Hall Editions – Tuesday June 22, 2021

Small press publisher that also provides self-publishing services.

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Imprints: Quarto and Bonnier UK’s New Lines – Monday June 21, 2021

As previewed previously, Quarto will launch a new children’s imprint, Happy Yak, led by associate publisher Rhiannon Findlay. First titles will debut this summer, and the list will include board books, picture books, and more for children up to seven.

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Five Tips To Selling Hundreds Of EBook Copies This Summer – Friday June 18, 2021

Ebooks have taken the e-commerce world by storm. Unlike physical books, they come with less pomp and circumstance, meaning ebooks can cover anything from the art of bird-watching, to cookbooks, to the latest business workbook. Many entrepreneurs are considering ebooks for one major reason: they require very little cost and time, and can churn out big bucks on the backend - making them a powerful return on investment. Plus, ebooks can help to build out an entrepreneur’s personal brand and credibility. 

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New Literary Agency Listing: Great River Literary – Thursday June 17, 2021

An agency devoted exclusively to representing authors and author/illustrators of books for children and teens.

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Imprints – Monday June 14, 2021

Astra Publishing House is launching an imprint dedicated to publishing illustrated books for children, to be led by Jill Davis. She was most recently executive editor at Harper Children’s. She will report to coo Ben Schrank and president Leying Jiang. Davis says, “My focus at Astra will be developing authors and illustrators from all over and helping them create unforgettable stories with sparkle, soul, and lots of surprises. The majority of my list will be illustrated books for ages 0–12, with an occasional teen title.”

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New Literary Agent Listing: Vanessa Browne – Thursday June 10, 2021

Vanessa is the Associate Agent to Chloe Seager. She joined the MM Agency in 2021. It’s her joy to work in the Children’s and YA space, where there’s so much fun to be had, and so many incredible stories yet to be heard.

Vanessa is excited to be working alongside Chloe and her talented authors, as well as beginning to build her own list.

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Pan Mac and bks Agency host free demystifying publishing event – Thursday June 10, 2021

Pan Macmillan and The bks Agency are running a free online event all week to demystify publishing for those curious about entering the industry.

Running from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. until 11th June, it has been organised by ERIC, an organisation which hosts immersive career festivals and an app for Generation Z creatives. Pan Mac has received more than 250 sign-ups across a range of ages and backgrounds.

The Get a Job in Publishing event series covers the publishing ecosystem and how it works, as well as providing an introduction to each of the main career paths available. Pan Mac experts include Sara Lloyd, communications director and executive sponsor for diversity, publishing director Kris Doyle, Bluebird publisher Carole Tonkinson, adult publishing m.d. Jeremy Trevathan and Belinda Rasmussen, m.d. of Macmillan Children’s Books.

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New Imprint Listing: 4 Color Books – Tuesday June 8, 2021

Collaborates with the most forward-thinking and groundbreaking BIPOC chefs, writers, artists, activists, and innovators to craft visually stunning nonfiction books that inspire readers and give rise to a more healthy, just, and sustainable world for all.

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