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A_____ B____ Literary Agency, I__.

Literary Agency

Established: 1981

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Last updated: March 13, 2018
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Professional Body


TypesFiction; Nonfiction
SubjectsAnthropology; Archaeology; Architecture; Arts; Autobiography; Culture; Current Affairs; Design; Drama; Fantasy; History; How To; Comedy / Humour; Mystery; Nature; Photography; Romance; Science; Science Fiction; Society; Sport; Technology; Thrillers; Women's Interests; Commercial; Contemporary; Literary
MarketsChildren's; Young Adult


Handles children's from picture books to young adult only. Send query by email only. Visit website and view individual agent profiles, then select one specific agent to send a query to at their own specific email address (given on website). Put the word "Query" in the subject line and include all material in the text of the email. No attachments.

For picture books, include full MS. For fiction send first ten pages. For nonfiction submit proposal and a sample chapter. For graphic novels, send summary and 2-3 sample page spreads in .jpg or .pdf format. Indicated which publishers, if any, the MS has been sent to. No queries by fax.


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Literary Agent / President


1___ E____ D____
S______, C_ 9____
United States

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T__ N____ s__________ m___ o_ 8 J___ 2___. I r_______ a r_______ b_ e-m___ o_ 1_ J___ 2___ s______ s_____: "N__ f__ u_". N_ e__________ w___ s_ e___. I w____ n__ a____ t___ agency i_ the f_____.
John, Australia
Tue, Jun 28, 2011: 09:37 (GMT)
I r_______ a r_______ w_____ a f__ d___. I_ w__ a f___ l_____ t___ l__ m_ k___ m_ q____ d__ n__ m___ i_ p___ a s_______ t_ the agent. N_ f_______ o_ m_ w___.
Jodi, United States
Wed, Jun 25, 2008: 12:42 (GMT)
A_______ t___ agency d__ n__ w___ t_ r________ m_ t___ s___ b___ a p_____, p_____ r____ t_ m_ e____ q____.
Pauline, United States
Thur, Jan 19, 2006: 16:32 (GMT)

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