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firstwriter.magazine Issue 31: Summer 2017 – Monday August 28, 2017 has just announced the launch of the penultimate issue of its long-running literary journal, firstwriter.magazine.

firstwriter.magazine has been published twice a year since 2002, making it probably one of the longest-running online journals on the internet. This 31st issue features the usual mix of quality fiction and poetry from around the world, plus the first chance to see not just the winning story from the Fifteenth International Poetry Competition, but also all ten Special Commendations. You can view the magazine by clicking here.

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Bernard MacLaverty: ‘Just try to write. You can do it better tomorrow’ – Saturday August 26, 2017

The novelist on the privilege of working from home, the benefits of eavesdropping and why he and his grandson love to play ‘throwing writers at the radiator’.

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YA Publisher Allegedly Tricked Best Sellers List In Scheme To Sell The Movie Rights – Friday August 25, 2017

YA novels are still big business in the publishing world, but a large part of the reason for that is the frequency with which many of them get adapted as films. It seems one new book may have tried to game the system specifically to get the movie made.This week a book almost nobody had heard of, and even fewer had read, called Handbook for Mortals, found itself atop the New York Times Best Sellers list. Now, it seems the publisher may have used questionable means to get on the list in order to secure funding for the movie version of the book.

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New Literary Agency Listing – Thursday August 24, 2017

Handles: Fiction; Nonfiction
Areas: Crime; Culture; Fantasy; Humour; Romance; Sci-Fi
Markets: Adult; Children's; Youth
Treatments: Contemporary; Literary; Popular

See website for individual agent interests and submission methods, and query one agent only, using online submission system.

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Abridged 0 – 51 Wormwood: Submission Call – Wednesday August 23, 2017

What if the end does not begin somewhere above our heads, but festers in the lives of individuals. What if it will not drop down from the sky but seep out slowly from the streams that flow under our senses. What if it isn’t colossal, overwhelming and thundering, but microscopic, sneaking and silent. What if we are deafened not by a distant bang but a cancer worming deep in our cells. What if it won’t be thrown at us, in our ignorance, from far far away, but is carried around inside us in tiny electric pieces. What if it is not of some mythological or hypothetical future but of the right now. Not the threat of a coming instant but a present dragging catastrophe.

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New Magazine Listing – Wednesday August 23, 2017

Publishes: Fiction; Poetry; 
Areas include: Gothic; Literature; 
Markets: Adult; Professional; Youth; 
Preferred styles: Contemporary; Cynical; Dark; Experimental; In-depth; Literary; Serious

A literary magazine featuring dark, psychological fiction, poetry, and art. Started in 2017, we are a nonprofit publication. Our goal is to share literature that raises awareness of and expresses psychological issues and feelings of displacement through the literary gothic. We're open to a variety of styles, including writing that is minimalistic or that has elements of fantasy or horror, so long as it fits within our theme.

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2018 edition of Writers' Handbook now available to buy – Tuesday August 22, 2017

The 2018 edition of’s bestselling directory for writers has just been launched, and makes the perfect book for anyone searching for literary agents, book publishers, or magazines. It contains over 1,400 listings, including revised and updated listings from the 2017 edition, and nearly 400 brand new entries.

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Ray Bradbury’s Practical and Inspiring Writing Advice – Tuesday August 22, 2017

The late, great Ray Bradbury, a master of modern science fiction, was born on this day in 1920. Bradbury was full of wit and wisdom when it came to dishing out practical writing advice. 

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New Publisher Listing – Tuesday August 22, 2017

Publishes: Fiction; Nonfiction; Poetry; 
Areas include: Architecture; Arts; Biography; Literature; Short Stories; Translations; Travel; 
Markets: Adult; 
Preferred styles: Contemporary

Prefers online approaches, but will accept paper submissions by post. Include SASE if return of material is required. Does not respond to email queries unless interested.

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Digital isn't dead for book publishers - we're just waking up from the first hangover – Monday August 21, 2017

In 2010 Steve Jobs announced another killer product that would propel tech companies, publishers and consumers into an exciting new era. The iPad launched tablet devices into the consumer consciousness in a way which few would have believed possible at the time. Now with over 40% of the worldwide population believed to own at least one tablet and 91% a smartphone, smart devices are here to stay.

So why did so many book apps fail to work?

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