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Material published:
Publishes: Fiction; Poetry

Areas include: Adventure; Autobiography; Crime; Fantasy; Gothic; Horror; Leisure; Lifestyle; Mystery; Sci-Fi; Spiritual; Suspense; Thrillers; Women's Interests

Markets: Adult; Children's; Family; Youth

Preferred styles: Contemporary; Dark; Experimental; Niche; Positive; Progressive
Submissions policy:
This publisher is not known to have a policy against unsolicited MSS.
This publisher does not charge authors any fees.
Average number of titles per year:
20% of net royalties
Year founded:

Additional information

Formed in 2011 as part of a poetry book publishing campaign to promote poetry world wide as an attractive and entertaining art form for the twenty first century. We print 3-4 books a year collecting the best photographs and poetry from around the world, to produce high quality books for people to enjoy. Our books are available to buy worldwide either from Amazon or to order through your local bookshop.

In March 2013 we published a journey of hope through poems and photographs which have been collected from around the world. The work in this anthology has been collected from every continent of our planet and illustrates ideas of hope from many of the world religions; looks at the different forms hope can take and how hope can always be found if you look carefully into the world which surrounds you.

Titles include: The Wicked Come
Hope Springs A Turtle
Poems From The witching Hour

Authors include: Rainbow Reed

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