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Material published:
Publishes: Fiction; Nonfiction; Reference

Areas include: Erotic; How-to; Men's Interests; Romance; Self-Help; Short Stories; Women's Interests

Markets: Adult

Preferred styles: Contemporary; Dark; Experimental; In-depth; Light; Literary; Mainstream; Niche; Popular; Positive; Progressive; Traditional
Submissions policy:
Actively seeking new material. This publisher is actively seeking submissions of unsolicited MSS. Both queries and submissions by email are accepted.
This publisher does not charge authors any fees.
10% royalties on the proceeds paid to the authors. Fees will be waived to those referring from first

Additional information

Publishing Erotica Authors.

I am happy to announce that I have started publishing erotica authors to help them make their name out there, or widen their distribution network. Basically what I do is editing and publishing (entirely free of charge) erotica stories, novels, anthologies, guides and how-tos both in eBook and paperback formats. EBooks are distributed via the major online retailers such as Apple, Sony, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Kobo and more. Paperback versions are distributed via Amazon. An author contract is signed between us and you will be getting royalties on the profits made with the books.

If you are interested, please use the submission form at the bottom of the page to send us your text to publish. Please note that we will need more than just your text though, so get everything ready before submitting it to us. Here is what we will need:

Your complete manuscript (in word format – .doc – please do not format your text with bold, italic, tabs, colors or anything like that. We need to remove all formatting before we can start publishing and reformatting it in our system. Make sure you have your text checked again for typos, grammar, style, spelling, punctuation. Your minimum word count should be 10,000 or above. The best size for erotica eBooks is around 60,000 words. Please note that we publish only text, so don’t send photos to illustrate your pages!)
A photo of you (it could be a drawing, an illustration, a picture. Just make sure it is high resolution, clear, and clean)
Your biography (in less than half a page, tell us about you as an author, your background and inspiration, if you have published books already, etc). Feel free to include some links like social media, your blog, twitter, etc.
A short description of your work (It will be used to market your book on our site, and shared with some retailers. Please no email, hyperlink, or promotion. Your description should be a single paragraph in complete sentences, limited to 400 characters or less).
A long presentation of your work (An extended version of the above, needed for promotion purpose. Again, no email, hyperlink, or promotion. Try to raise the curiosity of the reader and want to learn more about your book. Minimum 600 characters, maximum 4,000)
Your Paypal email (we need to update our files with your payment info. Also you will be automatically opted in to our Authors newsletter to keep you in the loop about what is going on on our side. Please do not opt out as this method will be used to send you important information)

Once you have all these files ready, please do double check them again for typos, grammar, style, spelling, punctuation… The better the files you send, the better your final book will be. If you are 100% confident that they are OK, visit the website to start the submission of your files.

Authors include: Lynn Myshe' Joseph
Jeff Cunningham
Angelicka Wallows

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For your security, we recommend protecting your copyright before sending your work to anyone. For information on protecting copyright, click here.

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