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5 Tips For Writing Interesting Characters – Sunday February 16, 2020

There is an abundance of writing advice articles out there that you can get from social media or the internet, all with different tips and suggestions to help you on your writing journey. For me, I think these five tips can help you plan out and write a character well, even if you don’t actually write them until later.

1. Don’t presume that you know everything about your character.

People automatically assume that you should know every single thing about your character, because it makes sense, since you’re the writer and you’ll need to expand on them throughout your story. What people don’t know is that your character is allowed to keep their secrets, especially since they will develop throughout the series, naturally.

Maybe your character has a fear of rejection… Their backstory may be planned by you, but there may be quirks to their character which can lead you to a totally different backstory later, told by your character and told to you as well.

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Here’s why you'll want to enter Filmarket Hub's Pilot Contest – Sunday February 16, 2020

Here at Film Daily, we’re all about supporting screenwriters. We also love a good screenwriting contest! That’s why we, along with our friends at online marketplace Filmarket Hub, are thrilled to announce the launch of their new screenwriting competition focused on English language TV pilots. 

The competition will be open until the 31st March 2020, after which the six semi-finalists, three finalists and the winning pilot will be announced throughout the month of June.

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What is the difference between traditional publishing, self publishing? – Friday February 14, 2020

I used to imagine myself standing at a forked path, manuscript in hand, wondering whether to pursue self-publishing or traditional. I pored over websites analyzing the pros and cons of each.

What these resources don’t convey, though, is that these are not the only two publishing routes that exist, and that increasingly, other options are blurring the boundaries between what seemed like two distinct choices.

Traditional publishing used to just be “publishing.” There were a limited number of people in the world who had access to the physical resources needed to print and distribute a book so they acted as gatekeepers. Of course, people have hand-written and distributed writing for a long time, but publishing houses, with Richard Hoe’s patent of the first rotary press in 1846, could circulate paperbacks, introduced to the United States only one year earlier.

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New Magazine Listing – Friday February 14, 2020

Publishes: Articles; Essays; Fiction; Nonfiction; Poetry;
Areas include: Culture; Humour; Politics; Short Stories;
Markets: Adult;
Preferred styles: Satirical

Describes itself as "America's leading voice of interesting and unexpected left-wing political criticism, cultural analysis, short stories, poems and art". Submit pitch using online form on website.

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New Magazine Listing – Wednesday February 12, 2020

Publishes: Essays; Fiction; Nonfiction; Poetry;
Areas include: Short Stories;
Markets: Adult;
Preferred styles: Literary

Publishes poetry, fiction, and essays / creative nonfiction. Accepts submissions during specific submission windows. See website for details and for themes.

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Amazon-owned Audible and major publishers settle lawsuit over audiobook translation feature – Monday February 10, 2020

Amazon-owned Audible and a group of major book publishers settled a copyright lawsuit filed last year over a feature called Captions that transcribes audiobooks to text.

The settlement between Audible and the seven publishers that sued the company last year — Hachette, HarperCollins, Macmillan, Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster, Chronicle Books and Scholastic — is sealed. However, a proposed dismissal and injunction document filed last week says Audible is barred from “creating, generating, reproducing … written text derived from the audiobook versions of Publishers’ Works for any product or service created or offered by Audible,” unless it gets authorization first.

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New Magazine Listing – Monday February 10, 2020

Publishes: Fiction;
Areas include: Sci-Fi; Short Stories;
Markets: Adult

Website publishing daily flash fiction up to 600 words. Accepts all kinds of science fiction. Submit via form on website.

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How to be a film writer – Sunday February 9, 2020

Joey Clarke, AB ’07, moved to Los Angeles after graduation in hopes of making it as a film writer. He worked a variety of low-level jobs but admits he didn’t put the effort he needed into writing. A relationship and a change of scenery helped kick-start his film writing career, and in 2018 he won the Academy Awards’ Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting for his script Miles. Here, he shares some tips about what has worked for him and how writing for film is — and isn’t — the same as other types of writing.

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New Publisher Listing – Friday February 7, 2020

Publishes: Fiction; Poetry;
Markets: Adult;
Preferred styles: Literary

Accepts submissions of fiction and poetry between April 1 and May 15, and via its two contests in autumn.

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New Literary Agent Listing: Jessica Friedman – Friday February 7, 2020

Represents literary fiction and nonfiction. Interested in distinctive voices and writing that challenges the expected -- stylistically, formally, or otherwise. Particularly drawn to incisive, voice-driven writing and underrepresented narratives.

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