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How these San Diego kids books beat out bestselling authors like James Patterson, Anderson Cooper – Saturday December 16, 2023

Silver Dolphin Books, a San Diego book imprint you’ve probably never heard of, tucked into a Sorrento Valley office park you’ve likely never driven by, is behind three of the country’s most read books. They have a profound theme: the strength of human connection. They have sold millions of copies, everywhere from Target to Costco to indie booksellers and they have millions of views on TikTok.

Two of those titles just beat James Patterson, Barbara Kingsolver and Anderson Cooper on USA Today’s Best-selling Booklist.

Their target audience: babies. Sample titles: “You’re My Little Baby Boo,” “You’re My Little Pumpkin Pie,” and the book that started it all, “You’re My Little Cuddle Bug.”

If you are familiar with the “You’re My Little” book series, then you know exactly why tiny humans and their parents love them. If you are not, here is a quick primer: These are board books (with thicker pages) designed for kids under three about all sorts of babies (ghosts, butterflies, pumpkin pies) and their parents or caregivers. The pages have smooth cutout shapes perfect for fat little fingers to grab. The rhymes are easy. The illustrations are adorable — think the roundest eyes and rosiest cheeks and the smiliest smiles. Each book delivers a heartwarming message in about 100 words.

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PRH acquires independent self-help publisher Hay House – Thursday December 14, 2023

Penguin Random House has acquired independent self-help and wellness publisher Hay House.

Nihar Malaviya, c.e.o. of Penguin Random House, and Reid Tracy, c.e.o. of Hay House, announced the acquisition on 12th December 2023 but the terms of the deal were not disclosed. The news comes just two months after PRH UK announced its acquisition of Hardie Grant’s UK publishing business. 

Currently a client of Penguin Random House Publisher Services (PRHPS), Hay House will now be able to "further leverage" the resources capabilities of PRH, a press statement said. It will retain its editorial and publishing independence and Tracy will continue to run Hay House as its c.e.o. post-closing. No changes are planned for its London, New York and Carlsbad offices or its management and employees.

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Publisher drops author for using fake accounts to ‘review-bomb’ peers – Thursday December 14, 2023

A writer has been dropped by her agent and publisher after she posted a slew of reviews from fake accounts on book-ranking site Goodreads.

Cait Corrain, whose book Crown of Starlight was due to be published in May next year, posted on X to apologise for her behaviour. “I boosted the rating of my book, bombed the ratings of several fellow debut authors, and left reviews that ranged from kind of mean to downright abusive,” she tweeted.

Corrain’s US publisher Del Rey, an imprint of Penguin Random House, stated on Monday that it was “aware of the ongoing discussion” about the author. Crown of Starlight “is no longer on our 2024 publishing schedule”, it said. Though it was initially unclear whether this meant that the book’s publication was being postponed or cancelled, both Del Rey and Corrain’s UK publisher Daphne Press later said that neither Crown of Starlight nor the second book in Corrain’s contract will be published by them.

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New Magazine Listing: Power Cut Lite – Wednesday December 13, 2023

Magazine exploring 20th century pop culture and focusing on 1930-1999. All work should be set in or explore this period. See website for submission guidelines.

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Janson-Smith leaves Gleam to start new agency – Tuesday December 12, 2023

Agent Oscar Janson-Smith has left Gleam Futures to start his own agency. 

Janson-Smith joined the agency in December 2021 after three years as an agent at Kruger Cowne, and was promoted to senior agent in March this year. 

Over his two years at Gleam he sold 35 books, translated into 15 languages, with two titles becoming Sunday Times bestsellers. He also promoted new areas for Gleam such as fantasy, finance, craft, cookery and children’s. 

Janson-Smith said: “It’s been a busy few months, so this is a delayed announcement, but it’s one that I’m very happy to be making. After a wonderful couple of years with Gleam, I had quite a few offers on the table — but once I’d got this idea into my head, it was hard to get it out again.  

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The ten-minute writing sprint is life-changing – Tuesday December 12, 2023

I now work on my fiction every day, even for only 10 minutes, and the words add up

I first heard about the ten-minute writing sprint concept during my podcast conversation with indie author Doug Weissman.

I was curious about this approach, so I tried it
Suffice to say, it has been life-changing.

I now work on my fiction every day, even for only 10 minutes, and the words add up, making me feel happy and accomplished.

Take that, procrastination!

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Three Short Story Writers On Publishing and Crafting Their Debut Collections – Tuesday December 12, 2023

The short story is an entirely different pleasure than the novel. For writers, the form demands precision and intense scrutiny of craft choices. The short story is constrained by its brevity but remains limitless in the opportunities it presents to challenge notions of craft. The short story collection, then, is an art form in and of itself. In conversation, stories produce something new and thrilling. We are let in to linger and marvel at the writer’s world, to listen to its chorus of voices telling us something urgent.

This interview features three writers who published their debut short story collections this year: Ada Zhang, the author of The Sorrows of Others; Nishanth Injam, the author of The Best Possible Experience; and Alexandra Chang, the author of Tomb Sweeping. I called Zhang, Injam, and Chang to learn about their writing processes, relationships with the short story form, and experiences publishing their first collections.

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Granite Noir short story competition launched to ‘unearth’ and celebrate north-east talent – Tuesday December 12, 2023

A brand new writing competition in the spirit of Granite Noir has been launched to encourage budding north-east writers.

Have you ever fantasised about the murky world of crime or how best to carry out a murder? Hypothetically of course.

If the answer is yes, Granite Noir might have a new challenge to put your shady skills to the test.

The popular Scottish crime writing festival is returning in February with another year of impressive events but with a delightful twist.

For the first time, a short story writing competition has been launched.

Crime creatives from all over the north-east will have their chance to put their hand at creating a work of suspense and intrigue.

For Sharon Burgess, chief executive of Aberdeen Performing Arts (APA), she hopes this will be a chance to “unearth” – not bodies for all you murky-minded people – but rather talent.

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10X Your Writing Quality With These 8 Useful Websites – Tuesday December 12, 2023


The best-ever solution to overcome your writer's block.

Every time you open the website, it loads a random image with a text box to write your thoughts.

This instantly motivates you to write.

Because now you don't have a blank page in front of you.

People usually face "Blank Page Syndrome." It simply means not being able to start.

So this website is a lifesaver for you, as it perfectly solves that problem for you.

Check out the site:

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Burnham-On-Sea Book Festival 2024 writing competitions are now open for entries – Monday December 11, 2023

Burnham-On-Sea Book Festival’s 2024 writing and book-cover competitions are now open for entries.

The 2024 festival – which is set to return from May 17th-19th – is inviting local people to get involved with the new competitions.

Sponsored by Burnham’s best-selling crime author Damien Boyd, entries are now open and close on midnight March 4th, 2024.

Book festival treasurer Jonathan Pinnock says there has been a change this year to the competitions: “Damien has upped the prizes in the children’s categories, hoping to inspire more young people to write. We’ve also made the decision to offer £100 to the winner of the book cover competition.”

“There are competitions for short-story writers and poets in three age categories: 11 and under, 12 – 18, and 19+ (Adults); the book cover competition is open to all ages. There’s a maximum of three entries per author/illustrator in each category.”

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