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Material published:
Articles; Nonfiction; Fiction; Poetry; Short Stories
Submissions policy:
This magazine is not known to have a policy against unsolicited MSS.
Year founded:
Journal published twice yearly
£15.00 – Includes membership of network and journal for one year.
Payment for the author?:

Additional information

*Make friends and contacts *Learn how others do it *Share experiences, ideas and tips *Exchange / advertise your services *Give and receive support.

The journal and web site cover the following subjects:

Women for creative living, the arts, design, crafts, publications, writing, novels, stories & poetry, getting out there, being reclusive, expression, career, home & family, self-employment, exchanging services, voluntary work, health & fitness, travel, study, spirituality, courses, advice, living your art, new possibilities, psychology and personal development, sharing personal experiences, teaching and learning, helping others, cross-culture, being a mother and not, women's roles - challenging them, understanding them, transforming business, unique women, inspiring women - words to share, challenging the norm, down-shifting, up-grading, being human, living the ideal, seeing the extraordinary in the everyday.

Where possible, please e-mail submissions, typing and pasting into an e-mail document. No attachments please.

All writing must be of good quality and acceptance for publication is at the editor's discretion.

Members of the Creative Women's Network receive free web and journal advertising (up to two ads of 40 words each, with extra space for address/contact details), plus a copy of our inspiring journal, every six months - and lots of other advantages. See our web site for more details plus details on our special free introductory advertising offer.

Note: Web link exchanges welcome!

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For your security, we recommend protecting your copyright before sending your work to anyone. For information on protecting copyright, click here.

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Anna, United Kingdom
Fri, Mar 10, 2006: 21:02 (GMT)
"_____ ___ ________ ______"<__><__>___ __ _____ _ ___ ____ ________ _____ ___ ___ ___ _____ ___'__ __ _____. ____ _____ ______!
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John, United Kingdom
Thur, Jul 28, 2005: 11:19 (GMT)

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