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Imogen Morrell

Imogen Morrell

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Last updated: January 2, 2023
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Literary Agency


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Building a list of fiction and non-fiction authors.

I’m particularly interested in representing upmarket commercial, accessible literary and reading group fiction with an edge – a tight plot, clever writing and even an element of suspense. I like to be surprised — I want to read love stories with a twist, workplace friendships gone wrong, power-based hierarchies turned on their head, novels where the characters aren’t what they seem.

I’m interested in brilliantly plotted social thrillers, unconventional love stories, crime novels with a difference, high concept rom-coms. My current ‘most-wanted’ is a playful take on genre fiction of any kind.

I love historical fiction and I want to read submissions that use the genre to centre queer and trans characters, and characters of colour, within time. I enjoy stories that reframe a well-trodden narrative arc, with characters or stories that are typically underrepresented in publishing.

On the non-fiction side of things, I want to represent academics, critics and journalists who are writing their specialist subject for trade publication, mostly with a strong narrative or personal element. I’m always looking for non-fiction that uses one object or topic to tell history.


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United Kingdom

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