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Established: 2007

Last updated: February 27, 2008
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TypesFiction; Nonfiction; Poetry
FormatsReference; Short Fiction; Theatre Scripts
SubjectsAdventure; Anthropology; Archaeology; Architecture; Arts; Autobiography; Business; Cookery; Crafts; Crime; Culture; Design; Drama; Entertainment; Erotic; Fantasy; Gardening; Gothic; Health; History; How To; Comedy / Humour; Leisure; Lifestyle; Literature; Media; Medicine; Men's Interests; Music; Mystery; Nature; New Age; Philosophy; Photography; Politics; Psychology; Religion; Romance; Science; Science Fiction; Self Help; Sociology; Sport; Suspense; Technology; Thrillers; Travel; Westerns; Women's Interests; Experimental; Literary; Traditional
MarketsAcademic; Adult; Children's; Professional; Young Adult


An e-publishing company with Christian values wishing to help authors bring stories to life in a way that keeps them pure and passionate, keeping their manuscript their own.

We also support green technology for a clean, healthy Earth. This is reflected in everything from our corporate policies, to our customers, and most importantly to you, our authors.

Part of our promise is to get back to you within 48 hours with a complimentary email acknowledging the arrival of your manuscript. We also pledge to have the manuscript reviewed and a full response sent back to you within two weeks. In the unlikely event you do not receive these responses, please email us again explaining the situation.

Please review our submissions for further information. If you have any questions that you do not find in our submissions faq, please email us.


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United States

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This publisher's website submission guidelines page specifically says do not submit your work if it is currently being considered by other publishers.
Lilian, United Kingdom
Sun, Aug 15, 2010: 17:22 (GMT)
NOTE: This is an e-publisher only, no published print.
Raul, United States
Fri, Jul 04, 2008: 23:43 (GMT)

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