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Established: 2006

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TypesFiction; Nonfiction; Poetry
FormatsArticles; Essays; News; Reviews; Short Fiction
SubjectsCookery; Culture; Current Affairs; Gardening; Comedy / Humour; Leisure; Lifestyle; Men's Interests; Music; Philosophy; Politics; Psychology; Religion; Science; Technology; Travel; Women's Interests; Literary


We are putting together a publication in Greensburg, PA. Our initial launch date is Valentine's Day 2007, so if you had anything relating to that or "love" (a sardonic approach is well-appreciated!), that would be awesome!

We are looking at an initial print run of 100 - 500 (I'm hoping for the higher side myself, but we'll have to see what kind of funds we can come up with between now and our release date). We couldn't afford to pay you (yet), but would send you contributor copies and lots of happy thoughts.

I know we are small, but this publication will be run in a professional manner. I am a graduate student in writing with experience working with several small zines over the last decade. I'm not looking to make money from this, but I do hope to transform the venture into something self-supporting (instead of out of my pocket!).

I will be serving as the editor-in-chief, but I am working with a great collective of people in our city, which is growing rapidly. We are planning to release, along with the first issue of this magazine,a compilation CD, and planning a huge bash for the release. Our city has no similiar publications being released, so we're hoping we can fill the gap.

My vision for this magazine is to encourage people to participate in sustainable, environmentally-friendly actions - biking instead of driving, recycling and freecycling, shopping w/ local businesses rather than mass retailers, eating organic foods instead of fast foods, etc. This magazine is being produced by a collective of people who subscribe to this type of lifestyle, mostly young people, some college-educated, some not. I'm hoping to appeal to a broader audience, and I'm trying to get as many people involved as I can.

The magazine will be distributed for free in the city and surrounding neighborhoods, and we've decided that any advertisements, if we take them, will be only from companies who we as a group feel comfortable promoting (mostly we're looking at local coffee shops andrestaurants).

The issue will be printed on 8.5 x 14 paper, and I'm hoping to do a traditional book-style binding in order to encourage people to think of it as a mini-book and to pass it around. Our cover is being designed by a well-known local artist and art will be a big part of what we promote, because we believe it's an important form of self-expression. I guess I think of myself as a pragmatic idealist - I have big dreams and I believe the way to make things happen is through small actions that eventually add up.




FictionUp to 1,000 words
PoetryUp to 20 lines
EssaysUp to 1,000 words
ArticlesUp to 1,000 words
FeaturesUp to 1,500 words


What to sendFull manuscript



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Fritz Gerald, United States
Thur, Nov 30, 2006: 14:04 (GMT)

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