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How to cancel a newsletter subscription

If you receive our free monthly newsletter, fwn, by email, but would like to stop receiving this newsletter, please follow the instructions at to remove your address.

Alternatively, click one of the unsubscribe links in any copy of fwn that you have received. If clicking the link does not work, copy and paste the link into your browser's address bar and hit enter.

Once you receive confirmation that your address has been removed from the mailing list you should not receive any further copies of fwn, except for the following rare exceptions:

1) Our newsletter goes out to tens of thousands of people. When we start the mailing, it can take most of a week to send it out to everyone. If you happen to cancel between the mailing starting and you receiving your copy then you may receive one final issue before mailings cease.

2) Once a month we carry out an offline clean-up of the mailing list to remove failed email addresses. This process takes less than a minute, but if you happen to cancel during that time your cancellation may be reversed. If this happens, you should just be able to repeat the cancellation process for it to take effect.

If you still have concerns please contact us through

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