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You're Asking Too Much From Your Story And Not Enough From Yourself – Tuesday January 30, 2024

The only way to get vulnerability and truth into your story is to share parts of yourself.

Last year, I was staring at a blinking cursor on my screen and at a crossroads. I had written a screenplay with a great plot, but the feedback I kept getting was that it didn't have a soul.

I distinctly remember a friend asking me, "What makes this a Jason Hellerman script?"

At the time, I answered, "Because my name is on it."

It was a clever retort, but I was wrong.

Sure, it was on the title page, but the issue I was having was that I was not putting enough of myself into the writing. I thought the plot and the characters would compensate for it. But because I was not imbuing the page with a piece of me, it still felt hollow.

That can only get you so far.

And it wasn't going to get my movie made.

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