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New to Your Public Persona? Handling the Non-Writing Parts of Being an Author – Tuesday May 7, 2024

Who are you?

No, not in a “name, rank, and serial number” kind of way or the physical parts on display. Not the broad character traits you associate with yourself, either. It’s a complicated question, right? It can be hard to define, even to yourself, much less others. In fact, just about everyone you’ve interacted with has probably seen you as a slightly different person than everyone else has.

This isn’t a bad thing, far from it. Who you are to a specific person or group, your persona, or a tailored version of your personality can be a powerful tool.

You’re more than what you seem

When interacting with the public, be it fans, casual readers, haters, publishers, editors, or whoever, you will be acting as a version of yourself, whether you know it or not. Being aware of this allows polishing this version to be more effective for the type of interaction taking place.

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