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Five years and 2m copies later, self-published author lands UK book deal – Sunday December 17, 2023

In 2018, JM Dalgliesh was a stay-at-home father when he sent his first crime novel to six literary agents, only to receive polite rejection letters – or no response at all. Refusing to give up, he found inspiration in a friend’s suggestion that he try self-publishing. The advice could not have been better.

That novel, Divided House – the story of a detective’s path to redemption – was to become the first of 22 self-published crime thrillers, comprising three series of police procedural novels that have sold more than 2m copies in total.

Now Dalgliesh, whose first initial stands for Jason, has been taken on by a traditional publisher, and will be able to reach even more readers, partly via the sale of rights worldwide.

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