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Material Handled:
Handles: Fiction; Nonfiction

Areas: Architecture; Arts; Autobiography; Biography; Culture; Current Affairs; Design; Film; Historical; Music; Philosophy; Religious; Science; Sociology; Technology; Theatre; Translations

Markets: Adult

Treatments: Contemporary; Literary; Mainstream
Domestic: 15% Overseas: 20%
This agency does not charge a reading fee.
Submissions policy:
This agency does not accept unsolicited MSS, but will consider queries.
This agency is reported on another website as being legitimate and having confirmed sales to royalty-paying publishers.
Another website recommends this agency and reports it has made sales to royalty-paying publishers.

Additional information

Query through online form on website only. No simultaneous submissions or screenplays.

Clients: Kim Adelman; Jake Adelstein; Ibrahim Amin; Mark Anderson; Jake Austen; Cornelia Bailey; Lois Banner; Hugh Barker; James Barrat; Brian Bates; Jennifer Boles; Tristan Carrasco; Paula Champa; Antonino D'Ambrosio; C.J. Dellatore; Estate of John Diamond; Brian Doherty; Sarah Erdman; Ann Fensterstock; Barbara Fisher; Will Friedwald; Jessa Gamble; James Gardner; Heather Gautney; Vivien Goldman; Gan Golan; Tristan Gooley; Pat Graham; Zack O'Malley Greenburg; George Gurley; Deena Guzder; Peter Gwin; Dayle Haddon; Alexa Hampton; Duane Hampton; Estate of Mark Hampton; Lee Hanson; Charlie Hess; Peter Hessler; Feng-hsiung Hsu; Jack Huberman; Nicholas L. Johnson; Keith Kachtick; Stephane Kirkland; Chad Kushins; Bob van Laerhoven; Michelle Lee; Cory MacLauchlin; Eric Maddox; Estate of Steven Martin; Joanie McDonell; James McGuane; Dan McMillan; Keith McNally; Alex Moazed; Susan Morgan; Stephen Murdoch; Reggie Nadelson; Riad Nasr; Juliet Nicolson; Erich Origen; Zak Pelaccio; Joel Pickett; Nick Prueher; Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche; Claire Prentice; Tara Rodgers; Joseph Rosenbloom; Chris Ruen; Charlie Scheips; Rick Shenkman; Lady Anne Somerset; Guy Spier; Erich Stonestreet; Bill Talen (aka Rev. Billy); David Taylor; Yuval Taylor; Cullen Thomas; Franklin Toker; Ellen Wald; Nicholas Fox Weber; Bryant Welch; Carolin Young; Erin Zammett

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Raul, United States
Sun, Jul 06, 2008: 14:42 (GMT)
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Jeffrey, United States
Mon, Sep 18, 2006: 23:34 (GMT)
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Jim, United States
Thur, Sep 14, 2006: 00:04 (GMT)

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