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Material Handled:
Handles: Scripts

Areas: Film; Radio; Theatre; TV

Markets: Adult
This agency does not charge a reading fee.
Submissions policy:
This agency accepts unsolicited MSS. Queries by email are accepted.
The sources we consult provide neither positive or negative assessments of this agency.

Additional information

Only considers material which has been recommended by a producer, development executive or course tutor. In this case send query by email with cover letter and details of your referee to the relevant agent. Query only one agent at a time.

Clients: Fateme Ahmadi; Josh Appignanesi; Fred Armesto; Andrea Arnold; Iain Banks; Clio Barnard; Jules Bishop; Fyzal Boulifa; Sue Bourne; Orhan Boztas; NG Bristow; Simon Brooke; David Joss Buckley; Victor Buhler; Chanya Button; Maurice Caldera; Owen Calvert-Lyons; Oliver Cheetham; Jethro Compton; William Corlett; Kit de Waal; Shelagh Delaney; Gaëlle Denis; Greg Dinner; Jeannine Dominy; Jim Doyle; Sally El Hosaini; Mali Evans; Marc Evans; Siân Evans; Daniel Fajemisin-Duncan; Paul Farrell; Toby Fell-Holden; Efthimis Filippou; Jeanie Finlay; Jon Finn; John Fitzpatrick; Margaret Forster; John Forte; Nicki Frei; Bruce Goodison; Scott Graham; Adam Gyngell; Kate Hardie; Damian Harris; Timothy Harris; Cat Hepburn; Stuart Hepburn; David Hilton; Allegra Huston; Mark Illis; Mark Jagasia; Annabel Jankel; Will Jewell; Joanne Harris; Jenna Jovi; Dominic Keavey; Aleem Khan; Clare Kilner; Chris King A.C.E; Gideon Koppel; Steven Lally; Yorgos Lanthimos; Harry Lighton; Joan Littlewood; Billy Lumby; George Mann; Brian Martin; Maria Martínez Bayona; Rachel Mathews; James Mavor; Edward McGown; Geoff McQueen; Richie Mehta; Christopher Monger; Mongiwekhaya; Carol Morley; Paul Morrison; Rungano Nyoni; Alex Oates; Sean O’Connor; Dean O’Loughlin; Tony Owen and Steve Lewis; Thordur Palsson; Vinay Patel; Diana Patrick; Tommaso Pitta; Tim Prager; Ian Rankin; Seth Resnik; Healah Riazi; James Rogan; Alex Rose; Jerry Rothwell; C.J. Sansom; Jonathan Schey; Ronald Searle; Jon Sen; Gitta Sereny; Owen Sheers; Eva Sigurdardottir; Marlon Smith; Peter Stanley-Ward; Josephine Starte; Martin Stellman; Eddie Sternberg; Sarah Swords; Jeremy Thomas; Sue Townsend; Paul Trewartha; Paul Unwin; Mike Walden; Stephen Walker; Brian Ward; Anoushka Warden; Angela Workman

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