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Material Handled:
Handles: Fiction; Nonfiction; Business; Crime; Current Affairs; Finance; Health; Historical; Medicine; Mystery; Psychology; Self-Help; Thrillers

Markets: Adult

Treatments: Contemporary; Literary; Mainstream
Domestic: 15% Overseas: 20%
This agency does not charge a reading fee.
Submissions policy:
This agency does not accept unsolicited MSS, but will consider queries. Both queries and submissions by email are accepted.
This agency is reported on another website as being legitimate and having confirmed sales to royalty-paying publishers.
Another website reports that this agency has made sales to royalty-paying publishers.

Additional information

Send query by email with up to two sample chapters. No large attachments. Response not guaranteed. Response within two months if interested. See website for full guidelines.

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For your security, we recommend protecting your copyright before sending your work to anyone. For information on protecting copyright, click here.

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User feedback

Very bad experience with this agency. Requested my complete ms on an exclusive basis for two weekends (about ten days) after it won a contest. Have never responded to me in any way, shape or form,not even a rejection email now five weeks, and have ignored all my emails. I get a sense of intense coldness not to say boorishness from this agency, based on my own experience.
Will, United States
Thur, Sep 22, 2011: 21:45 (GMT)
Unfortunately, your project is not one that we think would be right for our agency at this time.

Well, I guess you just keep plugging until you find the right one. Thanks Anyway, Jackie Maybe next time with another manuscript
ANDREW, United States
Tue, Jun 23, 2009: 22:09 (GMT)
This agency responded to my snail mail query within one week. Chris sent out a rejection letter to me with a personalized note about something that I had included in my package. It was very helpful and greatly appreciated. An agency like this is well appreciated by aspiring writers. It is inspiring to know that they actually took the time to read the submitted materials and responded in a helpful manner. I recommended wholeheartedly this agency to others.
Dennis, United States
Sat, Jun 13, 2009: 16:17 (GMT)

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