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Tom Hiddleston hits right note at 500 Words creative writing final – Friday May 27, 2016

Tom Hiddleston performed a song from his first acting role as Toad Of Toad Hall as he was joined by the Duchess of Cornwall to honour winners of a children's creative writing competition.

He treated the finalists of Radio 2's 500 Words short story competition to a brief rendition of "Beep beep crackle bang" on stage at Shakespeare's Globe after telling host Chris Evans that Wind In The Willows was the first school play he was in.

After Evans asked for a performance, the star of The Night Manager said: "I walked right into that one" before launching into: "Crackle bang, crackle bang, like a a vintage car, hey!"

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New Magazine Listing – Friday May 27, 2016

Publishes: Essays; Fiction; Nonfiction; Poetry; Reviews; 
Areas include: Literature; Short Stories; 
Markets: Adult; 
Preferred styles: Literary

Online journal publishing short fiction, poetry, essays, book reviews, and excerpts from novels. Reads submissions from March 1-August 31 and from October 1-January 31. Poetry and nonfiction submissions closed until summer 2016.

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Harry Potter and the Minotaur’s Rage: how fanfiction got me into writing – Wednesday May 25, 2016

My fanfiction was almost uniformly awful, like most of the things I did or liked when I was becoming myself.

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New Publisher Listing – Wednesday May 25, 2016

Publishes: Fiction; Nonfiction; Poetry

Areas include: Culture

Markets: Children's

Publishes picture books, multicultural books, poetry, picture books and information books. Submit by email. See website for full guidelines.

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Big Publishing is Not as Big Anymore – Monday May 23, 2016

Books by self-publishers and small presses are eating the Big Four's market share.

According to Publisher’s Weekly, a report by the Association of American Publishers’ shows that overall publishing industry sales fell by 2.6% last year when compared to figures from 2014. Now that we have a clearer picture of the industry’s struggles in 2015, we can tell that sales declined in five of the seven major markets. The only industry segments to show improvement, in fact, were adult books and books from religious presses, which increased sales by 2.2% and 1.2% respectively. Overall industry revenue fell from $15.82 billion in 2014 to $15.41 billion in 2015.

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Writing a book with your dad is hard. It's harder if your dad is Thomas Keneally – Monday May 23, 2016

There’s a thick and slightly battered volume on my bookshelf, with a line drawing of a man in a deerstalker hat. The book, The Complete Sherlock Holmes, has an inscription on the cover page. It reads: “To Meg, who has made and will make great fantasies of her own. Love, your father.” The date he has written is that of my 12th birthday.

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New Magazine Listing – Monday May 23, 2016

Publishes: Essays; Fiction; Interviews; Nonfiction; Poetry

Areas include: Autobiography; Short Stories

Markets: Adult

Preferred styles: Literary

Send up to five poems, creative nonfiction up to 6,000 words, interviews up to five double-spaced pages, or fiction up to 6,000 words, by post or via online submission system. See website for full details and to submit.

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The new digital model that treats books like magazines – Saturday May 21, 2016

The digital revolution has been something of an asteroid for the whole publishing industry, but it has presented particularly gnarly challenges to libraries, colleges and schools. 

How to transfer collections from the stacks to the screen? How does digital lending work, both practically and financially? Which texts would publishers be willing to digitise, and which would languish in analogue ignominy on the shelves?

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What's Next for Hybrid Publishing – Saturday May 21, 2016

In 2012, I cofounded She Writes Press with a clear vision for what our press would be, but without a clear definition. We were creating something that combined self-publishing and traditional publishing, curating the books, and placing a strong value on editing and design, but without author platforms or a particular sales threshold driving our publishing decisions. Because our model is author subsidized, we were decidedly not traditional publishing, but we were not self-publishing either.

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What makes bad writing bad? – Friday May 20, 2016

Bad writing is mainly boring writing. It can be boring because it is too confused or too logical, or boring because it is hysterical or lethargic, or boring because nothing really happens. If I give you a 400 page manuscript of an unpublished novel – something that I consider to be badly written – you may read it to the end, but you will suffer as you do.

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