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Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison on writing for teens – Wednesday January 6, 2016

Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison, authors of Never Evers (Chicken House) discuss writing about sex and love for teens.

Tom Ellen: I think we mainly write about sex and love for teens because we're trying to write funny books, and there's a lot of scope for comedy in both those areas...

Lucy Ivison: Well yes Tom, but actually no Tom. I mean, this is a classic time where I realise that you and me are different people. That is not why I write about sex and love. I am just into sex and love! I live for a good romance. And everyone is interested in what goes on with people in the bedroom. That’s just facts. Awkward, cringeworthy stuff is part of the journey…which I do love too.

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Struggling as an author? Stop writing only what you want to write – Wednesday January 6, 2016

Earning a living as a writer is as likely as winning the lottery. Instead of writing books and persuading others to buy them, find out what people want to write, then do it for them.

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New Publisher Listing – Wednesday January 6, 2016

Publishes: Fiction; 
Markets: Children's; Youth

Publishes middle grade and young adult fiction. Submit query by post only, with first 10 pages and details of any relevant publishing history. Do not include SASE - all submissions are recycled. Response only if interested.

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XpoNorth invites writers in Scotland to pitch their work over Twitter – Tuesday January 5, 2016

Tomorrow (or more specifically, Wed 6 Jan 2016), a host of literary agents and publishers will be scouring Twitter in the hopes of finding the next big literary thing.

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2016: Crunch time for publishing, its writers and their readers – Tuesday January 5, 2016

Dated today, 5th January, the Authors Guild's open letter to the Association of American Publishers leads the loudest call yet for contract reform in publishing's relations with authors.

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No taboo should be off limits when writing for teenagers – Tuesday January 5, 2016

Violence, swearing, sex, drinking, mental illness… teen/YA lit has had it all for over 40 years. Teen author Non Pratt on facing up to whatever readers fear – and exploring uncharted ethical territory

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New Magazine Listing – Tuesday January 5, 2016

Publishes: Essays; Fiction; Nonfiction; Poetry; 
Areas include: Autobiography; Culture; Politics; Short Stories; 
Markets: Adult; 
Preferred styles: Literary

Submit fiction up to 7,500 words; up to six pieces of flash fiction up to 500 words per piece; up to six poems up to two pages each; or cultural, political, or other types of essays or self-contained sections of memoirs up to 5,000 words. Will consider genre fiction if it has literary merit. Accepts email submissions from writers outside the US only.

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Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison: how we went from being teenage sweethearts to writing partners – Monday January 4, 2016

The authors of Lobsters and new middle grade book Never Evers on what it’s like writing together (and how they do it), why year 9 is a crazy time, and where they rank in the ‘cool’ league. Plus, read the first chapter of Never Evers here!

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New writing award announced to honour Sir Terence Rattigan – Monday January 4, 2016

The Terence Rattigan Society have announced a new writing award with monetary prizes and a professional production of the winning play on offer.

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Why Do We Fixate on Writer's Block? – Monday January 4, 2016

"Writer's Block is bunk."

That's not exactly what prize-winning author Loren D. Estleman said a few years ago at a Michigan writer's conference, but it's close. And he'd already published over 60 books (which he wrote on a typewriter!).

The problem with even using the term, he said, is that it's a supremely unhelpful way of saying something very basic and ordinary in the life of a writer: you're stuck.

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