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Great books that publishers rejected – quiz – Thursday October 15, 2015

Man Booker winner Marlon James says he was turned down 78 times before getting published, and his long search for recognition is not unique. Find out how much you know about the history of literary rebuffs with our quiz on the great rejected books.

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The Therapeutic Value in the Process of Writing a Memoir – Wednesday October 14, 2015

Ever since my beloved brother's death by suicide I had held onto his diaries avidly protecting them, always maintaining some vague undefined hope that I would one day do 'something' with them. I didn't know it would take over twenty years and I didn't know that what began as an ode to my brother would morph into an unparalleled journey of healing for me.

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Travis Heermann writing in a foreign universe – Tuesday October 13, 2015

As the start of a promising writing career it left a lot to be desired.  Travis Heermann, 45, from Nebraska in the US, got the first novel he wrote accepted by a literary agent in New York, who sold it to a publisher. Unfortunately the agent and the publisher were both crooks and he "never got a dime." 

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A manifesto for all writers – Monday October 12, 2015

"There are too many adjectives in publishing already," writes Carla Douglas, an editor based in Kingston, Ontario. "We need to bridge the self-pub/trad-pub divide" she tells us in her manifesto, "do away with these distinctions and let writers be writers." And as she develops her point here, note that Douglas is talking not only to the industry that surrounds such talent but also to the writers, themselves: "Focus on the writing, publish however you like, but publish well."

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Writing competition to promote legacy of Cromarty geologist Hugh Miller – Monday October 12, 2015

A new writing competition has been launched to promote the legacy of the renowned Black Isle geologist and writer Hugh Miller.

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New Publisher Listing – Monday October 12, 2015

Publishes: Fiction; 
Markets: Children's

Aims to publish books for children that adults will also enjoy reading, whether for the first time or the hundredth. Send query with ideas or fully written or illustrated texts with short bio, by email.

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New Literary Agency Listing – Monday October 12, 2015

Handles: Fiction; Nonfiction; 
Markets: Adult; 
Treatments: Commercial; Literary

Send query by email with for fiction a synopsis, brief bio, and first three chapters; and for nonfiction a pitch, brief bio, chapter outline, and at least one sample chapter. Also offers consultancy services to writers.

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Publishing house gives voice to poets – Sunday October 11, 2015

A new publishing house, Veerpen Publishers, set to revolutionise the literary sector by giving a voice to lesser known poets, was launched in Capital Park on Saturday.

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Publishers, Amazon Not to Blame for Author Poverty Wages – Saturday October 10, 2015

After polling 1,674 Guild members, Mary Rasenberger, executive editor at the Authors Guild, created a splash a few weeks ago by claiming that most of its members' annual earnings were below the federal poverty level of $11,670. She spread the blame around: bookstore closures, the rise of Amazon, publisher consolidations, and the low royalties authors receive from publishers. But do these alarm bells ring true?

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Screenwriting Goldmine opens doors for undiscovered UK screenwriters – Thursday October 8, 2015

The Screenwriting Goldmine Awards is back and looking for new British screenwriters, it was announced October 8th by Screenwriting Goldmine founder and CEO Philip Gladwin.

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