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If you run a competition for writers, or a magazine publishing writers' work, then you can get FREE vouchers to worth $15 / 10 / 15 to reward your successful submitters. 

In order to offer these rewards, all you have to do is include the following text on your website. This can be included on the page where you describe your competition, or where you give the guidelines for submitting to your magazine, for instance:

"All [authors of accepted submissions / winners / runners up / etc.] will receive a voucher worth $15 / 10 / 15, allowing them to take out a free subscription to, providing access to details of hundreds of publishers, literary agents, writing competitions, and magazines!"

Please ensure that all the links are included as shown above, and that they link correctly to the appropriate pages.

Once you have included the above text on your website please submit the following form, letting us know about the magazine / competition you are running, how many vouchers you would like (or think you will be likely to need), and when you expect to need them. We will confirm receipt of your request when we have received it and checked your site for the above text (normally within two working days).

When you have your list of winners / accepted submissions simply send us a list of their names, email addresses, and the web page address where you have announced these details publicly. Please also include any message you would like to be included on the vouchers. We will then send an email to each address provided, including a unique voucher code which can be used on our site to either take out a subscription for free, or reduce the cost of a longer term subscription. 

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