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Established: 2007

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Last updated: February 28, 2022
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An independent small publishing house focusing particularly on encouraging and developing new talent in writing - in fiction and non-fiction, and in Christian and romantic works.

We have a soft spot for travel, sailing, adventure, crime/detective, courage and overcoming, self-help, gift books and coffee-table books. We enjoy wit and humour, entertainment, upliftment. Sunpenny promotes beauty and excellence in publishing. Books do not have to be Christian in either topic or nature, but they do have to keep to acceptable value standards.

What we won't even consider: Unless it is suitably within an overall context of "overcoming", we do not accept depressive or self-contemplative styles, 'black comedy', racism, gratuitous sex or violence or foul language, or anything else that does not conform to good mainstream family values (and we get to be the judge!) ... our taste also does not run to the gothic - vampires, werewolves, and the like, or horror generally; nor do we enjoy the crass and the crude, no matter how witty. If it's seedy or seamy, please don't even try. And let's not even go into the futuristic games-type wild fantasy adventure "I have the power!" stuff. Intelligent sci-fi, yes. Silliness, no. Aliens, probably not. And if you have a book that expounds theories/religions such as The Big Bang, Evolution and suchlike - why even waste your time sending it to a Christian publisher? Save yourself the money. :-)

Please visit our web site and read ALL our guidelines carefully before querying.


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