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Sep 28, 2012  



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Poetry competition deadline delayed

With the deadline for's Eleventh International Poetry Competition fast approaching (October 1, 2012), has announced a last-minute delay to allow for final entries to be submitted. If you haven't yet entered your poems for your chance to win £500 (that's over $750) plus a free licence for WhiteSmoke 2010+ (worth $99.95) you can enter online now in seconds by going to  

As well as the £500 first prize there are prizes of $150 for the best US runner-up, and £100 for the best runner-up from the United Kingdom. All winners and ten special commendations will also receive vouchers worth $36 / £24, which can be used to take out an annual subscription to for free, giving full access to our database of over 850 literary agencies, over 1,550 magazines, over 1,400 publishers, and over 100 constantly-changing competitions (you can start enjoying all these benefits now by clicking here).


International Copyright Registration 
Register your copyright online for instant copyright protection in more than 160 different countries worldwide. Click here for more information.


A new way to receive daily info about literary agents, publishers, magazines, and competitions

For many years, has kept its subscribers up-to-date with InstantAlert emails – notifications of new and updated literary agencies, publishers, magazines, and competitions that match each user's specific preferences and interests.

For many writers, this service has been central to their success, and a key reason for them subscribing to the site:

"Thanks to your email updates I was able to capture the interest of a Literary Agent."
~James Bergstad , United States

"I will definitely resubscribe - I cannot tell you how useful your updates have been ... Thank you"
~Fiona Davis , United Kingdom

"I've found the InstantAlerts very helpful. I've already had a couple of shortlistings from comps"
~Jacqui Winn , Australia

"I have signed a contract ... They came to my attention through one of your emails"
~Carol Sumilas Boshears , United States

" and Instant Alerts are the finest services to writers I've ever run across."
~Richard Harrison , United States

However, because we work so hard at regularly updating the listings on our databases, for some people the sheer number of emails was overwhelming. That's why we've now streamlined the system so that all the different emails are consolidated into one single mailing, tailored to your own personal preferences, which you can change at any time! Subscribers will still receive as many updates as they did before – and will have the same level of control that they've always had over what they receive and what they don't – but it will now arrive in a more convenient and manageable way.

And the best thing about the service is that it remains completely free. No matter how many emails you receive, or how many listings they contain, you'll never pay more than the basic cost of subscribing for access to the site!

If you haven't already subscribed to you can sign up now at so that you can start getting the same benefits from these alerts as all the subscribers listed above! For even more comments from satisfied subscribers impressed with the InstantAlert service, click here



For two weeks only: Harper Voyager opens doors to unsolicited submissions

For the first time in more than a decade, Harper Voyager – publisher of some of the biggest names in fantastic fiction (George R. R. Martin, Kim Harrison, Raymond E. Feist, Robin Hobb, Richard Kadrey, Sara Douglass, Peter V. Brett and Kylie Chan, to name but a few) – will be opening its doors to unsolicited and unagented submissions direct from authors.

With the explicit aim of finding new authors with fresh voices, strong storytelling abilities, original ideas, and compelling storylines, they will be looking for all kinds of adult and young adult speculative fiction for digital publication, but particularly epic fantasy, science fiction, urban fantasy, horror, dystopia and supernatural. Manuscripts need to be complete, at least 70,000 words long, and preferably between 80,000 and 120,000 words. They may have been previously published (provided you retain all rights), but must not currently be under consideration at another publisher.

Submissions will be accepted online only, through the website at Submissions will begin to be accepted from October 1, 2012, but this is a limited opportunity – you have only till October 14, 2012, before the standard policy of submissions via literary agents only resumes.

For details of over 1,400 other publishers, click here


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Newsletter seeks poetry submissions

The Poet Band Company is asking for poetry up to 40 lines and prose up to 300 words (English language only – if sent in another language, also include English translation or transliteration) to be submitted for possible publication in The Poetry Explosion Newsletter (The PEN), issued quarterly (January, April, July, and October).

Deadline dates are the first week of each month prior to the month of publication (December, March, June, and September).

July's issues are dedicated to romantic poetry, and October's issues spotlights holiday poetry. All other issues are "opened to the writer".

Poems and prose are published pertaining to all subjects (love, holidays, current events, etc.) and in any form (sonnets, haiku, rhyme, free and blank verse, etc.). Simultaneous and pre-published submissions are accepted. Bio-sketches are optional. Presently, there is no monetary payment, but if your works are selected you'll be sent a free copy of the issue in which they appear.

All submissions must be typed and of “camera ready” quality. Submit a maximum of five works by post (including a LSASE with correct postage if you want your works that are not accepted for publication to be returned) to:

Arthur C. Ford
PO Box 4725
Pittsburgh, PA.15206-0725
United States

If sending from another country, send International Coupons (two per dollar amount) or a Money Order or Check written in US Dollars from a US Bank.

Email submissions are accepted to and must include snail-mail address.

For the details of over 1,550 magazines, click here



Ebook retailer leads the search for “America's Next Author”

Aspiring writers, take note: is leading the cause to reinvent the traditional writing contest. eBookMall’s "America's Next Author” competition begins Monday, September 17 and takes a play out of the American Idol playbook – readers will vote to advance their favourite submissions. Consider it the book industry’s answer to widely popular TV shows looking for music’s next superstar.

"This is not your average writing contest,” says eBookMall Managing Director Martijn Leenders. “In most writing contests, authors are left in the dark without ever knowing what other people entered or why they didn't win, and the general public is often left out of the equation all together. This contest will be transparent, a social experience that reveals what real people really want to read.”

Writers will submit stories at Submissions should be between 2,500 and 5,000 words and feature only original material that has not been published anywhere else. Entering the contest is free and the grand prize is $5,000 – not to mention priceless exposure as an up-and-coming author. Two runners-up will receive $500.

As with traditional writing contests, eBookMall seeks submissions featuring well-written stories and engaging characters, but America's Next Author is different in one very significant way: contestants can influence their chances of winning by mobilising their fans through social media and word-of-mouth promotion. Encouraging friends, family, and fans to vote will be crucial to the winning author's success.

Of course, it’s not designed to be a simple popularity contest. A panel of experienced professionals from the publishing industry (“the jury”) will oversee the competition. The jury will read entries and provide critical feedback to authors in a public forum. Like American Idol, this professional criticism may (or may not) impact voting. The jury will also award four wildcards, guaranteeing their preferred contestants will make it to the “finals” round of competition, and will choose the ultimate winner from three finalists in early December.

The contest is broken into the following four rounds:

Submission period: starts September 17th – During this period, authors will submit their original short story. Submissions will not be immediately visible on the contest website, but authors will receive an email confirmation when their submission is accepted or rejected.

Nomination Round: October 9th–November 27th – During the nomination rounds, the public will have access to submissions while authors can enhance their profile page to win over fans and improve their chances of nabbing a nomination. Aspiring writers can continue to submit stories during the nomination round, but writers who submit early will have more time to garner support and increase their ranking. Readers can provide written reviews or quick star-reviews.

eBookMall officials will rank authors using an algorithm that incorporates ten distinct factors, including number of reviews, result of reviews, social media mentions (Facebook, Twitter) and news articles about the author and/or story. Ranking will be visible on the contest website and updated regularly. At the end of the nomination rounds, the jury will also select four “wildcard” authors to advance to the finals.

Finals: December 5th–December 11th – The final 12 nominees (eight from nomination rounds, four wildcards) will be positioned against each other in a bracket system. Readers can return to vote for their favourite author as he or she goes head to head with another nominee. The three candidates with the highest score from this round will make it into the final jury selection.

Jury Round (December 11th–December 18th) – The members of the jury will read and review works submitted by three finalists and decide who will be crowned America’s Next Author. eBookMall will announce the grand prize winner and two runners-up on December 18, 2012.

Founded in 1999, eBookMall is a veteran in the growing e-book industry. The retailer offers digital books from the world's biggest publishers, including Random House, Simon & Schuster, and MacMillan. Books are available in PDF and ePub formats for Windows and Mac computers, Android tablets, dedicated eReaders, and mobile phones.

“America’s Next Author” is eBookMall’s first contest for aspiring writers. For more information, visit

For the details of over 100 other current writing contests, click here


Marion Grace Woolley at booQfest

Marion Grace Woolley has this month been doing her first Waterstone's book signings, as part of booQfest. Here Marion is pictured at Northampton Waterstone's on Sunday September 16, 2012.

Marion found both of her publishers by searching's database of publishers. You can read about her success in an interview in fwn 112.

For more information about Marion, go to

To search our database of over 1,400 publishers, click here


Black Rose Entertainment plans spoken word compilation

Black Rose Entertainment is planning to put together a spoken word compilation. $25 will get you a slot for your piece on a compilation with other poets/spoken word artists who share your passion for poetry.

There are a total of 15 slots available. The compilation will be shopped to several poetry societies and record labels as a means to offer something different to the music industry.

The first 15 people who are chosen will have their picture and social media links on the flyer and CD, as well as being a part of the promotion.

The CD will also be available for free download on several sites across the internet.

For more information contact Stephanie Davis of Black Rose Entertainment at


Brummet website relaunches with opportunities for writers

The Brummet website at has been relaunched with a brand new look and all new content.

Writers may be interested in networking on their blog where you can submit articles for consideration, or query them for a World of Writing interview. They also interview authors on their radio show, depending on their genre.


Resources for writers at

Visit for the following invaluable resources for writers:

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