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"Oh, I LOVE firstwriter.com ... you got me published!"

~Carolyn Brodersen, United States


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If you're looking for a gift for a writer, a voucher for firstwriter.com is the perfect choice. A firstwriter.com subscription provides a writer with an invaluable source of information to help them get published: including the details of hundreds of literary agents, publishers, magazines, and competitions. Subscribers can search the information online using our powerful search tools, and receive daily updates by email, straight to their inbox! Users can also leave feedback on the listings, giving a depth of information never possible in old print listings, and helping our users quickly identify the most useful leads. 

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"I found a literary agent through your site and am now having my first novel published... Many thanks" [Full comment]
~Nolene Dougan, United Kingdom

"...everything I have been trying to locate for 5 years I can now access at a click of a mouse... " [Full comment]
~Christine McDonough, United States

"...thanks for a great site, it's well worth the monthly fee and I am finding it very useful." [Full comment]
~John Mawson, United Kingdom



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