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  Issue #67

Free Writers' Newsletter

   Sep 27, 2008  


Competition deadline delayed

With the deadline for's Seventh International Poetry Competition fast approaching (October 1, 2008), has announced a last-minute delay to allow for final entries to be submitted. If you haven't yet entered your poems for your chance to win £500 (that's nearly $1,000) plus a free licence for WhiteSmoke 2008+ Creative Version (worth $99.95) you can enter online now in seconds by going to Writing Contests - Click Here

As well as the £500 first prize there are prizes of $150 for the best US runner-up, and £100 for the best runner-up from the UK. All winners and ten special commendations will also receive vouchers worth $30 / £20, which can be used to take out an annual subscription to for free, giving full access to our database of over 800 literary agencies, over 1,000 magazines, over 1,000 publishers, and over 150 constantly-changing competitions (you can start enjoying all these benefits now by clicking here).

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After seven years of helping writers get published, the makers of have launched a new website providing a similar service for people trying to make it in the music industry.

The new website, launched this month, is called "MusicSocket", and offers fully searchable databases of hundreds of record labels, music managers, and music websites, in a format that will already be familiar to users of!

Users will find a number of's popular features replicated on the new site, with InstantAlert emails for new and updated listings, plus user feedback facilities on every company featured. As a brand new site the databases themselves are still relatively small, but are growing fast, with more than 150 new listings this month alone! Taking into account its broader international scope as compared against its competitors, its superior features, and its faster expansion, its price of $3.99 a month / $29.99 a year looks extremely favourable both against its US competition ($19.99 a month or a whopping $199.95 a year!) and that in the UK (£46 a year, as opposed to MusicSocket's £19.99). Like, MusicSocket also offers Free Trial options and range of other money-saving plans. You can subscribe now via If you want to try out the databases before subscribing, go to and/or

MusicSocket also offers an affiliate program for webmasters, so if you've got a website and you'd like to start earning some money from it just go to where you can join for free and start earning money in a matter of minutes!

If you are the owner or representative of a record label or music management company and you'd like to submit your details to be listed for free on the MusicSocket site please either click here to submit a record label, or click here to submit a management company.

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Have you protected your Copyright? Copyright piracy is estimated to cost millions annually. Before sending your work to agents, publishers, or contests, make sure you take out copyright protection. Click here for more information.

When all else fails, I write!
By Marcella Simmons

I started writing about twenty years ago, and have had countless articles, poems, short stories, and plays published, as well as a book of poetry. Iíve completed a novel, a reference guide, several children books, and Iím working on another novel at this moment. With no publisher in sight, and no editor to give me instructions, I am on my own and nowhere close to having one of my book projects accepted for publication.

Writing plays an important part in my current business – form letters, brochures, advertising and feature stories are common on a regular basis, not to mention countless memos, lists and many other items that have to be created daily. No one in my office is capable of doing this part of the
work except me. My busy schedule takes up most of my free time and leaves little time for personal writing, so when I create at work, I am honing my craft and making it better. Whether it be designing and writing a brochure for my business or writing an article or letter, I am in one way or
another, writing.

Sometimes, when I am facing a deadline to fill ad space, and I am working under pressure, itís hard being creative but because of my ability to write, I can create something worthwhile, even while facing the firing squad! 

Iíve often thought Ďhow nice it would be to quit work and start write fulltime.í It would be a luxury to write fulltime and make a living at it. People do it everyday. But Iím not one of those people so I use my creativity to enhance my business and write for personal pleasure when I have a free moment. Since writing is one of my many passions in life, I do try and make the best of my talent nevertheless.

When the world crumbles about me, I write. When Iím in my office after work, I write. When an idea sparks and has to be noticed, I write. When all else fails, I write! And so must you!

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In this issue:

Spelling conventions

fwn uses English spelling conventions. Spellings such as "realise" "colour", "theatre", "cancelled", etc. differ from other spelling conventions but are nonetheless correct. 


Publisher seeks short stories for anthology
Familia Books is buying stories for an anthology titled Wisdom of Our Mothers, including true stories of lifeís lessons learned from oneís mother.

Payment is $100 and stories can be submitted to ericjbowen@
by November 30, 2008.

For over 380 magazines publishing short stories click here

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Workshop with New York literary agents
New York literary agents and editors will present a November workshop for published writers and those whose work is ready or almost ready for submission. 

The workshop is to be held on November 6 and 7, 2008, and is limited to 20 writers. Applicants must provide a sample of their completed or nearly completed work. For more information, contact Maryanne Shanahan at +1 (212) 837-2827.

For over 800 literary agents, click here

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Authors needed for book project is seeking hundreds of aspiring and established authors to contribute to a huge collaborative book. Writers have the opportunity to become published and earn royalties. There are no costs, but they must be willing to work with others for a year.

Those interested in participating should send an email to thebook@
including 500 words describing who they are and why they wish to join. 

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Screenplay contest offers production deal
THE MOVIE DEAL! Screenplay Contest offers prizes and exposure to contestants, plus one amazing GRAND PRIZE: a production deal, plus airfare and accommodations to the set of their own film.

Entries are invited in 10 categories for feature length genres, as well as TV pilots, and short films. For submission details please click here. Save $10.00 on entry with Promo Code FW7018!

For over 150 other contests, click here

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