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Nov 29, 2012  



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Cheaper resources for writers in the digital revolution

This month sees the release of a number of new directories for writers, at a fraction of the cost of their traditional print counterparts.

The ebook explosion has been transforming the way that books are both published and consumed, and now it is writers’ turn to reap the benefits of this low-cost medium. Whereas writers have previously had to pay anything up to $30 or £20 for hefty print directories covering every aspect of the publishing industry, the following new releases are now available for immediate download from Amazon for as little as $6.99 / £4.80:

All the books listed above are available for immediate download from Amazon onto their popular Kindle ereaders. If you want to enjoy the books on another device, such as iPad, etc. simply download the free Kindle app for your device first, then follow the links above to purchase the books you want from Amazon.

One of the reasons for the difference in price between modern ebooks and their print counterparts is simply the difference in production costs: with no paper, printing, binding, warehousing, or distribution costs, ebooks are far cheaper to deliver to customers than print books.

However, that isn’t the only way in which the production costs affect the end product and ultimate retail price. For a print book to be commercially viable, publishers had to print large books covering many topics – forcing consumers to pay for lots of information that they probably didn’t want. For instance, you may only really be interested in literary agents, but you would have had to pay for a directory including publishers, newspapers, magazines, and more.

The lower costs of ebooks mean publishers can create smaller, more targeted directories, available for a lower price. So if you’re only interested in publishers you can just pay for the publishers directory and save yourself money.

Of course, many people have already switched to digital listings like, and are already enjoying all the extra benefits they offer (click here for more details), but for those who still prefer the traditional directory format these new ebooks are able to provide a familiar book-like experience, without being as damaging to either the environment or your wallet! And best of all, they all include free access to the website, so that you can get the best of both worlds for one low price!


International Copyright Registration 
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New literary agent, publisher, and magazine listings

A selection of the new literary agent, publisher, and magazine listings, added to the databases in November:

New Literary Agency Listing

Handles: Fiction; Nonfiction;
Areas: Adventure; Autobiography; Biography; Cookery; Crime; Culture; Fantasy; Historical; Horror; Mystery; Philosophy; Psychology; Sci-Fi; Suspense; Thrillers; Travel;
Markets: Adult;
Treatments: Commercial; Literary

Handles up-market, literary, and commercial fiction, along with narrative nonfiction. No children’s authors, bog-standard genre authors, poets, playwrights, or screenwriters. See website for more details, and for online submission form. No submissions by post.


New Publisher Listing

Publishes: Fiction; Nonfiction;
Areas include: Adventure; Crime; Fantasy; Gothic; Literature; Mystery; Romance; Sci-Fi; Short Stories; Suspense; Thrillers; Women's Interests;
Markets: Adult; Youth;
Preferred styles: Commercial; Contemporary; Dark; Experimental; In-depth; Light; Literary; Mainstream; Niche; Popular; Progressive; Satirical; Serious; Traditional

Founded on the Isle of Man in 2008 as an aggregator to small and mid-size publishers wishing to enter the world of electronic books. After acquiring and distributing more than four hundred e-book titles, the publisher decided to turn an eye to launching original titles both in electronic format and by conventional means. In 2010, released its first original title, a SIBA award finalist. Following in its wake, 2011 marks the company’s first full list of original titles and paperback reprints. With offices and distribution both in the U.S. and U.K., the publishing house is rapidly expanding and looking forward to launching great new books throughout the world for years to come.

Looking for a range of genres -- the only thing we insist on is excellent, fresh writing. We publish thriller and mystery novels, young adult novels, experimental fiction, and literary fiction. We believe in publishing the author, not just the manuscript, and in building a close and fruitful relationship between our authors and our editors. Because agents reject books for the wrong reasons, we encourage authors to submit manuscripts directly to our editors for review, and we will deliver thoughtful, substantive responses to all submissions within 30 days.


New Magazine Listing

Publishes: Articles; Essays; Fiction; Nonfiction; Poetry; Scripts;
Areas include: Adventure; Antiques; Arts; Autobiography; Biography; Crafts; Culture; Current Affairs; Drama; Entertainment; Historical; Hobbies; Humour; Literature; New Age; Philosophy; Photography; Psychology; Romance; Sci-Fi; Short Stories; Theatre; Translations; Travel; Women's Interests;
Markets: Academic; Family; Professional; Youth;
Preferred styles: Contemporary; Cynical; Dark; Experimental; In-depth; Literary; Mainstream; Serious; Traditional

Our aim is to unite writers and readers around the world. We are looking for smart and informative literature that will give the reader a new perspective, contribute one morally and educationally. We are especially looking forward to reading stories that depict different cultures, their traditions, customs and history.

As for being an international magazine, we are especially interested in works that describe different cultures and traditions. But works on other topics are welcomed as well.

We are looking for intelligent, moral and thought-provoking material; works that concentrate on the human mind, emotions and feelings, and show the interaction between people and the outside world.


New Magazine Listing

Publishes: Fiction; Nonfiction; Poetry;
Areas include: Short Stories;
Markets: Adult;
Preferred styles: Literary

Publishes poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction by graduate writing students only. See website for more details, and to submit via online submission system.


New Publisher Listing

Publishes: Fiction;
Areas include: Erotic; Romance; Short Stories;
Markets: Adult

Publishes romance and erotica. Send query with synopsis and first chapter in the body of an email, including details about the book and a marketing plan. See website for full details.


New Literary Agency listing

Handles: Fiction; Nonfiction;
Areas: Autobiography; Biography; Business; Cookery; Crime; Fantasy; Historical; Psychology; Science; Suspense; Thrillers; Women's Interests;
Markets: Adult; Children's; Youth;
Treatments: Commercial; Literary

Send query with synopsis and first 5,000 words / three chapters by post only. Include SAE if return of manuscript is required.


New Magazine Listing

Publishes: Poetry;
Markets: Adult;
Preferred styles: Contemporary; Experimental; Literary; Progressive

Send query by email in first instance.


New Publisher Listing

Publishes: Fiction; Nonfiction;
Areas include: Autobiography; Biography; Health; Historical; Lifestyle; Nature; Science; Self-Help; Sport;
Markets: Adult; Children's; Youth

Publishes children’s fiction and nonfiction picture books, chapter books, middle readers, and young adult books, as well as education, parenting, self-help, and health books of interest to the general trade. All submissions must include complete ms or sample chapters, and must be made by post. No submissions by fax or email. See website for full guidelines.


New Publisher Listing

Publishes: Fiction; Poetry;
Areas include: Short Stories;
Markets: Adult

Not-for-profit literary press publishing poetry and short fiction by both established and emerging writers. Prefers to receive contributions during specific reading periods (see website), but may consider work outside of these periods - send query by email to ask if this is acceptable. See website for full details.


New Magazine Listing

Publishes: Poetry;
Markets: Adult;
Preferred styles: Literary

Publishes poems interacting with any aspect of ancient civilisations. Send submissions by email, in the body of the email or as Word attachments. See website for more details.


New Magazine Listing

Publishes: Fiction; Poetry; Reviews;
Areas include: Arts; Short Stories;
Preferred styles: Experimental; Literary; Mainstream

Magazine describing itself as eclectic, literary mainstream to experimental. Publishes poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and reviews. Submit 1-5 poems or one piece of prose up to 8,000 words. No multiple submissions. Simultaneous submissions are accepted if immediate notification of publication elsewhere is provided. See website for full guidelines, and for link to online submission system.


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One of my favourite (and simultaneously most hated) qualities of pre-school-aged children is their tendency to be unintentionally blunt.



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