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Editorial Services

Increasingly in today's competitive publishing market publishers and literary agents are expecting the work they receive to have been professionally edited beforehand. offers affordable editing services that will help you get your manuscript ready for presentation to agents and publishers with the best possible chance of being accepted. We handle all forms of material, from short fiction to poetry, novels, non-fiction, technical material, etc.

Why does my work need editing?

It's tempting to think, in this age of spell-checkers and grammar-checkers, that editing is unnecessary – but in fact it is the silliest and most embarrassing mistakes that spell-checkers will miss: things like their / there; your / you're; and it's / its – mistakes that are so easy to make in the heat of the creative moment, but which can be so costly when your work is being inspected by a critical eye.

And how often can you honestly say that you sit down and check the consistency of your heading levels? Or your use of single / double quotes, and your punctuation around them? Do you know the difference between the hyphen and the en dash, and do you use them appropriately? These are exactly the things which will irritate professional readers at agencies and publishers, and distract them from the quality of your work. With the current competitiveness in especially the fiction publishing market you cannot afford to compromise your chances in the slightest.

For some amusing examples of mistakes that slipped past the spell-checker click here.

What does your service include?

Our standard editing service will check your manuscript for spelling, grammar, punctuation, consistency, and clarity. We will make sure that what you have written is clearly and accurately presented, and easy to understand. If you would also like us to suggest subjective improvements we can mark these up in the text and provide a written critique of your work for only a little extra.

Who will be editing my work?

Our editors have wide-ranging editorial experience in the US, UK, and beyond. To see the credentials of our editorial team please click here.

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