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Material published:
Publishes: Poetry

Markets: Adult

Preferred styles: Literary
Submissions policy:
Not currently accepting new material. This publisher does not accept unsolicited MSS and is not taking on new authors. Both queries and submissions by email are accepted.
This publisher does not charge authors any fees.
Approximate turnover:
Average number of titles per year:
15% of net received
Year founded:
Indigo Dreams Publishing

Additional information

Closed to submissions as at November 2018. Will re-open late 2019.

Publishes poetry collections up to 60/70 pages and poetry pamphlets up to 36 pages. See website for submission guidelines.

Titles include: Large volume but including Soul Feathers (with Bob Dylan, Carol Ann Duffy, Seamus Heaney and others), Whatever's Happening Now, Imago, The Space Between Things, The Journey To Mount Kailash, Svera Jang, Whale Language: Songs of Iona, The 1000 Natural Shocks,Veritas: Finding The Goddess, Fixing Things and many more.

Authors include: Substantial list including Angela Locke, Ann Pilling, Char March, Roselle Angwin, Frances Galleymore, Robert Leach, Dennis Loccoriere, Charities Macmillan Cancer Support and Border Collie Rescue, Seema Gill, Cyril Tawney, James Lawless, Frances Galleymore, Charlie Hill and Paula Rae Gibson

Contact details

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United Kingdom

User feedback

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This Publisher seem very positive and honest.
I would like to submit one of my fiction novel as they're not accepting poetry until 2014. However, I could not download the submission form.
I will send them an email.
Ermine, United Kingdom
Thur, Apr 25, 2013: 13:28 (GMT)
website directs you to a submissions form to fill in - one of the questions is 'how many books would you be prepared to purchase yourself?' - alarm bells rang!
ash, United Kingdom
Mon, Jun 04, 2012: 16:11 (GMT)
this company answered me the same day
message for spiritual work do not accept this type of work
margaret, United Kingdom
Fri, Jul 29, 2011: 09:35 (GMT)

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