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Material published:
Publishes: Fiction; Nonfiction; Poetry; Reference; Scripts

Areas include: Adventure; Anthropology; Archaeology; Architecture; Arts; Autobiography; Biography; Cookery; Crafts; Criticism; Culture; Current Affairs; Drama; Entertainment; Film; Finance; Health; Historical; Hobbies; Horror; How-to; Humour; Legal; Leisure; Lifestyle; Literature; Media; Music; Mystery; Nature; New Age; Philosophy; Photography; Politics; Psychology; Radio; Religious; Romance; Science; Sci-Fi; Self-Help; Short Stories; Sociology; Suspense; Technology; Theatre; Thrillers; Translations; Travel; TV; Westerns; Women's Interests

Markets: Academic; Children's; Family; Professional; Youth

Preferred styles: Contemporary; Experimental; Literary; Popular; Positive; Progressive; Serious
Submissions policy:
Welcomes new material. This publisher is not known to have a policy against unsolicited MSS. Both queries and submissions by email are accepted.
This publisher does not charge authors any fees.
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Average number of titles per year:
Year founded:

Additional information

Established in 1984 and publishing books under this name by the end of 1987. Besides some of the considerable basic texts translated into our language, this publisher has also presented to the readers the works written by authors featuring very different point of view, from various disciplines, discussing actual and historical matters in Turkey and throughout the world.

This publisher has been publicating book for both general reader and university students and scholars on politics, human sciences, philosophy, history, mythology, literature and art.

The publication board in the course of choosing books has adopted an essential princible of publicating the books with modern, advancing and original contributions to the domain they pertains unto, and however which do not require any particular effort to be read.

This publisher does not hold any specific understanding to publish books characterised by certain political approaches, but there appears several principles this publisher particularly requires to be considered. This publisher does not publish books basing upon racist, discriminating, sexualist, restraining discourses and poses a will as to eliminate all means of insulting elements such as of political, cultural, religious nature.

This publisher encourages and supports researches conducted to rehabilitate the living and economical conditions and cultural level of public masses; and tries to contribute in whether publication field or social, political atmosphere, to the seeks may develop and flourish the civil organisation of the society and the mental vision. This publisher is after the understanding that written and translation language should serve to enlarge the expression possibilities of the Turkish and devolop the same and prefer "limpidity" rather than "pureness".

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