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Material published:
Nonfiction; Hobbies; How-to; Reference
Submissions policy:
This publisher is not known to have a policy against unsolicited MSS.
Average number of titles per year:
7–11 per cent royalty on retail price.

Additional information

Publishes trade paperback originals and limited hardback. Publishes 15–25 titles a year. Receives 100 queries and 50 mss a year. 50 per cent of books from first-time authors; 99 per cent from unagented writers. Pays 7–11 per cent royalty on retail price. Publishes book three months after final manuscript is received from the author. Responds in one month or less to queries. MS guidelines online. Publishes books on model railroading and railroad history. Nonfiction: General interest relating to model railroading and railroad history. How-to, reference. "We are
interested in any title which relates to these fields. Query with a list of ideas. Include phone number. This is a fast changing market. Our title plans rarely extend past six months, although we know the type and quantity of books
we will publish over the next two years. We prefer good knowledge with simple to understand writing style containing a well-rounded vocabulary." Query with SASE or the guidelines on our web site." Reviews artwork/photos as part of MS package. Send photocopies or JPEG files on CD.

"All of our staff and editors are Model Railroaders. As such, we publish what we would want to read relating to the subject. Our audience are generally active model railroaders at the beginners and intermediate levels and history buffs wanting to learn more about the
history of railroads in this country. Many are people new to the hobby and attempting to learn all they can before starting their first layout. Keep it easy and simple to follow. Use railroad terms and jargon sparingly. Do not use complicated technical jargon, terms or formulas without a detailed explanation of same. Use experienced craftsmen as a resource for knowledge.


Titles include: Track Plans for Beginners in N-Scale; Track Plans for Beginners in HO-Scale; Track Plans for Beginners in O-Scale

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