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Material published:
Publishes: Fiction

Areas include: Fantasy; Humour; Literature; Mystery; Romance; Sci-Fi; Self-Help; Short Stories

Markets: Adult; Family; Youth

Preferred styles: Contemporary; Light; Positive
Submissions policy:
Not currently accepting new material. This publisher accepts unsolicited MSS. No queries or submissions by email.
This publisher does not charge authors any fees.
Average number of titles per year:
Year founded:

Additional information

So here’s what we do:

When a book is getting published it is read by our team of Grammar Nazis/Ninjas (they’re both) who will literally cut out any misspelled words and grammar errors (it was really hard on laptop screens until we got them touch screens and padded swords).

Once the author approves the edits, our team of Graphic Ninjas meditate and visualize deep into the cosmic group mind and create eye-catching covers, ready to blind an innocent book reader.

Our Marketing Ninjas step in to make sure that the book would be seen by the people who want your book for and make sure they buy it!

Of course being ninjas we have grown quickly with thousands of books and now magazines.

Honestly, we love this. It is so much more fun than killing people in their sleep. Of course killing monsters (especially gorgons) is still pretty fun. Look behind the scenes in some of the team photos, and you will see a bit of gorgon blood.

Plus, we all love being with one another. We’re all fun, crazy, and we patch ourselves up whenever someone hits someone else with their sword accidentally.

Titles include: The Assistant; Mated to the Alpha King; One Night with the Prince; Changed; Prepare, Persuade, Conquer

Authors include: Kimber Lee; Marissa Dore; Mel Ryle; Jasmine Rose; Jennise K; Melissa Bender; Desirae Clark

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United States
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