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L____ G___ Poetry Press

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Material published:
Publishes: Poetry

Areas include: Humour

Markets: Family; Professional; Youth

Preferred styles: Contemporary; Experimental; Mainstream; Niche
Submissions policy:
Accepts new material in specific areas only. This publisher accepts unsolicited MSS in some areas, but not all.
This publisher does not charge authors any fees.
Average number of titles per year:
Year founded:

Additional information

A Long Island based poetry press specializing in anthologies with creative themes. Best method of approach for authors looking to publish full length books with us is to submit to our anthologies first so we become familiar with their material. We are open to all forms of poetry and like to use poetry for social change.

Titles include: Rhyme and PUNishment, Comedic Verse
Perspectives, Poetry Concerning Autism and Other Disabilities,
Voice of the Bards, Contemporary Verse of Myths Fairy Tales and Legends

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