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Material published:
Publishes: Fiction; Nonfiction

Areas include: Adventure; Crime; Culture; Drama; Entertainment; Fantasy; Health; Historical; Horror; Military; Nature; Romance; Sci-Fi; Sport; Suspense; Technology; Thrillers; Westerns

Markets: Children's; Youth

Preferred styles: Commercial; Mainstream; Popular; Traditional
Submissions policy:
Actively seeking new material. This publisher is actively seeking submissions of unsolicited MSS. Both queries and submissions by email are accepted.
This publisher does not charge authors any fees.
Average number of titles per year:
10% paper 40% eBook
Year founded:

Additional information

A children's book publisher. We publish popular genre fiction and select nonfiction children's books, picture books and young adult books for children and discerning adults. We are carefully building the brand. Being deeply entrenched in Disney values, as it is our heritage, we strive to follow a high standard of excellence while maintaining high-quality standards. Titles we publish will tell timeless and engaging stories that delight and inspire. At this press, entertainment is about hope, aspiration and positive resolutions. We seek our audiences trust. Our fun is about laughing at our experiences and ourselves.

Manuscript Submissions

Attention picture book authors: Thank you for all the picture book submissions. We have enjoyed reading them. Please note that we have selected the picture books for our 2013 catalog, hence we are no longer accepting unsolicited picture book queries. We are still open to YA and Middle Grade submissions.

We are one of a few children's book publishers accepting unsolicited manuscripts. Please note that we are not interested in evaluating scripts simultaneously submitted to, or under consideration by, another publisher unless you are prepared to accept an offer from us within eight weeks. We are acquiring Children’s Picture Books, Chapter Books, Middle-grade and Young Adult fiction. We are looking for strong writers who are excited about marketing their stories and building a following of readers. For novels, the body of the email should include your query and the first three chapters along with:

A synopsis
The genre of the book
Approximate word count
A short pitch
Writing credentials
Your contact info
If the work is agented, agent info
Complete bio
List of any and all previous titles with sales history

For illustrations, send three sample illustrations. Paste the query letter and chapters in the body of the e-mail and send by email. Text attachments will be deleted. Art may be attached.

Quick Guide

0-2,000 words for picture books
10,000-35,000 for middle-grade fiction
40,000-80,000 for young adult
always include a synopsis which includes the ending
allow 8-12 weeks for response

Picture Books
We’re looking for author/illustrators who have the ability to use language and art to inspire the imagination, and:

0-2,000 words
a clear and fantastic theme
strong storytelling
beautiful artwork

Middle-grade Fiction
Our readers want to relate to the characters and the world they live in, so we’re looking of authors who have:

10,000-35,000 words
an exciting plot
strong voices and edited scripts
developed characters
strong storytelling

Young Adult Fiction
We are looking for strong writers whose books have something fresh to offer the growing Young Adult audience.

40,000-80,000 words
A real voice for the readers
A new premise with a marketing hook that can be conveyed in 2-3 sentences
Protagonists who are 15-19
Powerful, believable world-building
An age-appropriate romantic element is a plus even if it’s not the center of the story
Memorable characters readers care about and can relate to one way or another

Please allow 8-12 weeks for a response.

Note that we do not accept unsolicited novel-length manuscripts. So do not send them! And never send us your original work or art. And finally, we will contact you if we are interested.

We do not assume responsibility for any unsolicited manuscripts which we may receive. Further, in receiving a submission, we do not assume any duty not to publish a book based on a similar idea, concept or story. All submissions are recycled.

One more thing to note. We actively blog. In sending your submission you acknowledge that we may post any or all of your correspondence with us on our blog.

Titles include: The Kringle Chronicles: Catching Santa
How I Became A Teenage Survivalist
Edmund: The Cat With No Tail Goes to School
Paranormal Properties

Authors include: David M. F. Powers
Marc Franco
Tracy Lane
Rohn Dungee
Julie Casey

Contact details

For your security, we recommend protecting your copyright before sending your work to anyone. For information on protecting copyright, click here.

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