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Material published:
Publishes: Fiction; Poetry

Areas include: Autobiography; Biography; Culture; Humour; Literature; Short Stories; Translations; Travel

Markets: Adult

Preferred styles: Contemporary; Cynical; Dark; Experimental; Literary; Niche; Progressive; Satirical; Serious
Submissions policy:
Accepts new material in specific areas only. This publisher accepts unsolicited MSS in some areas, but not all. Both queries and submissions by email are accepted.
This publisher does not charge authors any fees.
Average number of titles per year:
Year founded:

Additional information

Note: Closed to print submissions as at August 11, 2011. Accepting only work for online publication.

A British independent book publisher of both fiction and nonfiction. Founded by three friends in 2010, the company strives to publish alternative, original voices, and to provide an audience for unique writers neglected by the mainstream.

Titles include: The Wooden Tongue Speaks

Authors include: Bogdan Tiganov

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