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Material published:
Academic; Anthropology; Nonfiction; Film; Historical; Media; Military; Music; Natural History; Philosophy; Religious; Travel; Women's Interests
Submissions policy:
This publisher does not accept unsolicited MSS.

Additional information

Send query in writing by email or preferrably by postal mail in first instance, on projects on any of the following areas:

African American Studies; Africa; Anthropology; Asia and South Asia; Bioethics; Civil War; Classical and Ancient Studies; Cultural Studies; Dinosaurs; Film and Media; Folklore; General Interest; History; Holocaust; International Studies; Jewish Studies; Latin America and the Caribbean; Medieval and Renaissance Studies; Middle East and Central Asia; Midwest, Indiana, and Regional; Military History; Music; Paleontology; Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies; Philosophy; Railroads and Transportation; Religion; Russia and Eastern Europe; Women's and Gender Studies.

Rather than sending full manuscripts please send prospectus including a three to six page description of the project, including its purpose, potential audience, scope, contribution to scholarship, and relations to existing literature; a table of contents that provides paragraph-length descriptions of each chapter; one or two sample chapters, preferably including an introductory chapter that describes the work as a whole; the estimated length and date of completion, number and type of illustrations, if any, as well as any special requirements called for in the preparation and production of your book; your curriculum vitae or resume; and suggestions for appropriate reviewers.

Before enquiring, always consult website for appropriate editor to submit to. Please do not send queries that are not addressed to a specific editor.

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For your security, we recommend protecting your copyright before sending your work to anyone. For information on protecting copyright, click here.

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