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Material published:
Publishes: Fiction

Areas include: Erotic; Fantasy; Historical; Romance; Sci-Fi

Markets: Adult

Preferred styles: Contemporary; Experimental; Light; Niche; Positive
Submissions policy:
Accepts new material in specific areas only. This publisher is not known to have a policy against unsolicited MSS. Both queries and submissions by email are accepted.
Average number of titles per year:

Additional information

Online Publisher that specializes in gay romance and erotica. Publishes 100+ titles per year: novels, novellas, short stories and anthologies; recently also themed monthly collections of stories (e.g. Christmas in December).
Submissions and contracts by e-mail. Has been around for 4-5 years.

Titles include: Novels: Partnership in Blood (series), The Archer, The Best Revenge, Caught Running, Children of Bacchus, Condor One, Cursed, Cut And Run, Def Con One, Diplomacy, The Gold Warrior, Horizons, Hot Cargo, Irish Winter, Love Ahead, Miles To Go, Murder Most Gay, A Note In The Margin, The One That Got Away, Picture Perfect, Selfless, Sparks Fly, A Strong Hand, A Summer Place, Sutcliffe Cove, Task Force, Tigers And Devils, To Love A Cowboy, True Blue, True North, Twisted Brand, Wes And Toren,Zero At The Bone;
also Anthologies, Novellasand Short Stories

Authors include: M. Jules Aedin; Rhianne Aile; Maria Albert; Eric Arvin; Mickie B. Ashling; Connie Bailey; Alix Bekins; Nicki Bennett; Sienna Bishop; Scarlett Blackwell; S. Blaise; Steven Blue-Williams; Anne Brooke; Bethany Brown; Janey Chapel; J. M. Colail; Jaymz Connelly; Lisa Marie Davis; Remmy Duchene; Giselle Ellis; Catt Ford; Lacey-Anne Frye; Réve Garrison; Andrew Grey; Felicitas Ivey; Ashlyn Kane; Sean Kennedy; V.B. Kildaire; Shay Kincaid; Marguerite Labbe; Clare London; Dar Mavison; Anais Morten; Chrissy Munder; Zahra Owens; D. G. Parker; Michael Powers; Angela Romano; Abigail Roux; Isabella Rowan; Steve Sampson; Ian Sentelik; Jane Seville; John Simpson; Jenna Hilary Sinclair; Dan Skinner; Sasha Skye; Sonja Spencer; Jaxx Steele; Jaelyn Storm; Rowena Sudbury; Fae Sutherland; Ariel Tachna; Madeleine Urban; G.S. Wiley

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