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Publishers, Amazon Not to Blame for Author Poverty Wages – Saturday October 10, 2015

After polling 1,674 Guild members, Mary Rasenberger, executive editor at the Authors Guild, created a splash a few weeks ago by claiming that most of its members' annual earnings were below the federal poverty level of $11,670. She spread the blame around: bookstore closures, the rise of Amazon, publisher consolidations, and the low royalties authors receive from publishers. But do these alarm bells ring true?

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Screenwriting Goldmine opens doors for undiscovered UK screenwriters – Thursday October 8, 2015

The Screenwriting Goldmine Awards is back and looking for new British screenwriters, it was announced October 8th by Screenwriting Goldmine founder and CEO Philip Gladwin.

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Roger McGough: Publishers should 'take a chance on poetry' – Thursday October 8, 2015

Roger McGough has called on publishers to "take a chance" on poetry aimed at children, as National Poetry Day celebrates its 21st birthday.

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How Super Thursday helped publishers turn over a new leaf – Thursday October 8, 2015

The editor of the Bookseller charts how publicist's lament over one day's glut of titles has become a PR triumph for the industry.

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New Magazine Listing – Thursday October 8, 2015

Publishes: Essays; Fiction; Nonfiction;
Areas include: Short Stories;
Markets: Adult

Accepts unpublished fiction and creative nonfiction under 10,000 words. No simultaneous submissions. Maximum one submission per quarter.

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How Twitter’s 140-Character Limit Made Me a Better Writer – Tuesday October 6, 2015

Twitter is planning to extend its typical 140-character limit, and a lot of people are welcoming the change. But as annoying as the 140-character limit can be, I've found that it actually helped me practice a few principles for better writing.

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Steven Pinker: 'Many of the alleged rules of writing are actually superstitions' – Tuesday October 6, 2015

People often ask me why I followed my 2011 book on the history of violence, The Better Angels of Our Nature, with a writing style manual. I like to say that after having written 800 pages on torture, rape, world war, and genocide, it was time to take on some really controversial topics like fused participles, dangling modifiers, and the serial comma.

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Inside Traditional Publishing: "Divorcing" Your Agent – When It's Time to Say Goodbye – Tuesday October 6, 2015

For many authors, the thought of voluntarily ending their relationship with their literary agent can be heartbreaking – especially if their agent search was long and difficult, or if they genuinely like their agent. But like a marriage, sometimes what initially looked like an ideal pairing turns out otherwise.

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New Publisher Listing – Monday October 5, 2015

Publishes: Fiction; Nonfiction;
Areas include: Adventure; Anthropology; Autobiography; Biography; Crime; Culture; Current Affairs; Drama; Entertainment; Fantasy; Film; Finance; Health; Historical; Horror; Humour; Legal; Leisure; Lifestyle; Literature; Media; Mystery; Philosophy; Politics; Psychology; Sci-Fi; Sociology; Sport; Suspense; Technology; Theatre; Thrillers; Translations; Travel; Women's Interests;
Markets: Adult;
Preferred styles: Contemporary; Literary; Mainstream; Niche; Popular; Progressive; Satirical; Serious; Traditional

Welcomes new material. This publisher welcomes unsolicited MSS. Both queries and submissions by email are accepted.

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New Literary Agency Listing – Monday October 5, 2015

Handles: Fiction; Nonfiction; Scripts;
Areas: Crime;
Markets: Academic; Adult; Professional;
Treatments: Commercial; Literary

A strictly literary focused agency for writers, producers, and directors.

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